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Are Venus and Serena respected more today by fellow players?

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Is it me or does it seem like the sisters are more respected by fellow players today more than ever?

Watching them over the last two weeks, there seemed to be a lot of smiles, classy gestures and genuine handshakes by their opponents than I have ever seen in tournaments past. Even the commentators seemed rather positive.

Am I seeing things or are Venus and Serena finally getting the respect they deserve by at least the tour?
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Serena in particular seems to have chilled out a lot more. It's refreshing that she and the other girls can view each other in such a positive light. But this is probably because this generation just doesn't have the game to truly beat an AgeRena playing at 20%. Put a Capriati/Hingis type character in the mix and we might see some fireworks again... :)
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