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Are there regular doubles partners for Ai, Arantxa, Husarova, Rittner & Martina N. ?

With Kim not returning to doubles, Martina and Arantxa having split same as Tathiana and Janette, I wonder if we know anything about their partnership for the bigger events coming soon and for the rest of the season

Arantxa seems to share Hantuchova with Martina N if I´m right but what does that mean for the Grand Slams ?

Is Ai teaming with Tatarkowa regularly now ?

Why is Janetta Husarova so good in singles right now and why doesn´t she have a regular partner in doubles ?

Babsi Rittner is so high in doubles due to her Kveta-committment last year but what is it now that Kveta teams with her FedCup colleagues regularly ?

What about veterans and doubles time-2-time players like Pierce, Davenport, Monica or Capriati ?

What about a player like Arendt who teamed with Huber just to be replaced by Montalvo again soon ?

Anyone with answers ? ;)
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