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I have read a huge number of threads on this board since I have joined and noticed one constant in the majority of them.

As soon as someone sees a post that they disagree with they take the easy road.

Instead of taking the opportunity to express why that post is wrong in that persons opinion and give some factual reasoning for there assumption of the incorrect nature of the post they come out with "Hater"

What is that? Exactly what does the term "Hater" achieve? especially against someone you do not know, are unlikely to know and to top that off they are not going to want to know you after calling them that anyway.

Would it not make more sense to try and explain why you think a post is not correct and maybe learn something about the other person by there response then simply branding them a "Hater"? Or is it simply much easier to brand them something that you probably don't believe anyway rather then use a tiny part of the intellect we have all been given?

Maybe this should of been a poll :)
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