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Clijsters starts against easy
Second round against Schwartz probably
Third round Likhovtseva or Gagliardi
4th round: Sugiyama, Krasnoroutskaya or ASV

Very good draw for Kim

Justine has a very tough first round against A. Kournikova
Second round against Marrero probably
Third round most likely against Suarez
4th round: Dementieva

If they both get past the 4th round, they meet eachother in quarters. With a possible semi against Capriati or Mauresmo..

I think we have chances for a belgian finalist :D

GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!

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no :sad: anna... justine... no :sad:

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What an ugly draw for Justine !:mad:
I hope she will get past A.K (whom she has already beaten a couple of times), but I cannot help this bad feeling I have about that first round match. Maybe I am just being silly, but... well, please, someone, put me out of this misery, and tell me what I want to hear !
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