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:wavey: Has anyone ever thought of learning how to play backgammon? It's a awesome game and a great way to meet a heap of new friends.

The league I belong to will be holding free teaching lessons in the next few weeks. Thought I would post here to see if there is any interest.

SBGD (Serene's Backgammon Den) is a league that incorporates Bracket tournaments with seedings, as well as ladder matches. There is a rankings ladder powered by Cases programming.

We play at Pogo ( under Backgammon, and Rhythm and Blues tab.

Please note playing at both Pogo and in SBGD is 100% free!!!!

If anyone is interested...please post and I will organise a date for free training with our volunteers.

Please Note: SBGD is a family orientated site, abuse of any nature will not be tolerated. ;)

Any here and I will get back to you as soon as possible :wavey:
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