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jojoseph said:
Thanks. :)

She's a very good doubles player. I think sometimes she tries to just smash the sh!t out of the ball too often :), but other than that, she's really well skilled in doubles. Even when she was losing today she was laughing, joking, and making everyone laugh. You gotta admire that.

Cho was a very good partner and Francesca said that she felt most comfortable with her. I don't think Cho ever got mad at anything. Really laid back player. Apparently, it's their first time playing together. Francesca just needs a steady partner perhaps.
Thanks for the news of the doubles result! :D Congrats to Cara and Lisa but also congrats to Francesca and Yoon Jeong, runners-up in the first tournament they've played together! :D

Yes, I can just imagine Francesca from your description, having seen her playing doubles (with Adriana Serra Zanetti) at Wimbledon this year! They were 2/5 down in the third set and Francesca was leaping all over the court, having such a great time saving several match points! Every time she saved one she really extended her grunt and made everyone laugh, she really looked like she was having fun! Even though they eventually lost 4/6, Francesca was still smiling!
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