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1.) Apart from Alicia Molik, name the other TWO Aussies that have winning head to heads against Daniela Hantuchova? (Since 2000, so not junior results!)

Catherine Barclay defeated Daniela Hantuchova 7-6(13-15) 6-4 at Birmingham Qualies 2000

Rachel McQuillan defeated Daniela Hantuchova 6-2 2-6 6-4 two weeks later at Wimbledon Qualies 2000

2.) Which Aussie player has been linked to Rainer Schuttler 2003 Aust Open Finalist?

Kristen Van Elden - When playing local club comp in Germany she was staying with Rainer's girlfriend at the time and used to go down to the local pub with Rainer for a beer!

3.) Which TWO Aussies, in the most recent instance, both had a victory over a top 16 seed in a Grand Slam in the same calendar year, actually in successive slams!

It was in 1997

Kerry-Anne Guse def Kimberley Po(13th Seed) and Wimbledon in the 1st round

Then Rachel McQuillan def Conchita Martinez(7th seed) at US Open 1997 in the 3rd Round

4.) Which two Aussies share the same career high in the top 100 since 1993?

Answer is Evie Dominikovic and Rennae Stubbs. Both have career highs of 64. Kerry-Anne Guse got as high as 60 in the world!

5.) Match the players to their career high singles rank

a/ 131 Watson
b/ 135 Stewart
c/ 139 McShea
d/ 153 Wheeler (will beat this next week!)
e/ 157 Barclay
f/ 159 Grahame

6.) Which CURRENT Aussie player (Not Dokic!) has the most wins over top 10 players??

Rachel McQuillan def Davenport, Martinez and Pierce

Molik only has two wins, both over Daniela Hantuchova

7.) Which Aussie player won 9 ITF Doubles titles in 2000? And its not McShea!

Nobody got this, it was Bryanne Stewart!

8.) Which Aussie Player (or Freak after reading this!) on their WTA Profile pronounces their huge admiration for the Dalai Lama and Gandhi! Yes this is true!!

Yes it Nicole's other half, Christina Wheeler

9.) Birmingham has been a tournament that Aussies have always done well at. Evie got her first WTA victory there, Mcshea/McQuillan won the doubles, Stubbs took a set of Graf, Musgrave won a main draw match there! Guse reached the Quarter Finals, Kristine reached the semi's as a Kunce and as a Radford, and Pratt reached the semis there last year BUT which Aussie player went a step better and reached the Singles final there in the 1990's?

Yes it was Jenny Byrne, anyone know her career high??? might have been 64 as well, although I think she went slightly higher than that!

10.) Which Aussie player made their overseas Grand Slam debut as a lucky loser only to draw and lose to Jana Novotna?

It was no other than Nicole Pratt at Wimbledon in 1991! Unfortunately for Nicole it was over very quickly going down 6-3 6-0!!!

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TS said:
Thanks! [email protected] 2, I think it was a safe bet no-one would've got it ;)

I'm pretty sure Jenny Byrne got top 50??? Even top 40 maybe??
Jenny reached 45, pretty much after qualifying @ Indian Wells 1989 and reaching the final.
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