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Another Main draw WC for Stevenson???

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She can't even win challenger matches. And they give her WC for the main draw of a WTA event. The officials there must be crazy :rolleyes:
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vogus said:
What makes it even more pathetic, is that the other two WCs went to foreigners. So the idiots running the tournie didn't give any of their WCs to up-and-coming US players. American tournaments sure know how to piss all over themselves. Stevenson was a miserable choice.
i agree with you on this one. :mad:
vogus said:
maybe Alex will manage to win a match and slightly vindicate the decision. But she has been getting wildcards into the US tournies for 8-9 years now. It is absolutely not fair.
The SMART move for Alex would have been to play this week in the weak 50K in St Paul MN.
Andrew.. said:
If you think they're actually giving her a WC to draw a large audience, you're about three years late. I guarentee at this point that the casual tennis fan (or even a bit more serious than that) has no idea who she is anymore. And the tennis fans who do know who she is likely won't pay the money to see her get her ass kicked.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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