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I have just updated Jelena's biography on my website:

It is not a copy of Jelena's standard WTA Tour biography, but my own detailed appreciation of her game, followed by a review for every year of her career. I have edited the introduction, and added a review of 2006.

I wish Jelena and all her fans a happy new year.

New Jelena photos from Gloria magazine:

Article about Jelena leaving the Pilic academy and returning to her former coach, Borna Bikic:,8659,20889541-23216,00.html

Article about an alleged attack on Jelena at Zagreb:,,20938522-23216,00.html

Jelena on WTA Backspin by Todd Spiker (negative but fascinating!):

It's sad to have to read more about bizarre incidents and rumours than news about Jelena playing tennis these days. Particularly in the last couple of years, there's been enough material for a whole new soap-opera! ;)

Dr. Andrew Broad (added 2 external links)
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