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Man, it was so fun back then. Hingis, Anna and Williams were just pure riots on and offcourt. Here for the meanwhile are some of the Annatude moments. :devil:

In the unisex locker room, Kournikova catches Lapentti peering into a mirror. She screams, 'Nico, you’re a boy. You’re not supposed to do that!'

"I have a lot of boyfriends," she says." I want you to write that. Every country I visit, I have a different boyfriend. And I kiss them all."

"When I go to New York this year, I'll be 17, and I've been told that's the
legal age there. So I can do whatever I want. At this year's Open, I'll have five boyfriends."

Ten others held a banner that read ANNA, WILL YOU MARRY ME? Says Kournikova, "The only question I had was, Which one? Should I marry all of them?"

"It's human nature for people to notice," she says."If I had plastic surgery to make me look worse, maybe that would help. People ask me, 'why do you have to look good on the court? Why not just play?' But to me, whenever I'm on the court, it's like theater, and I have to express myself. Why should I have to look ugly just because I'm an athlete?"

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i perceive that women's tennis certainly has lost it's spark without anna and martina and their corresponding relationship with the sisters.

i guess i'm bias though because anna is my girlfriend and we are entering into holy matrimony in a few short indices. don't tell her, but i am having wedding gitters, primarily because i am hiding a big secret from her. i just don't know how to tell her that i'm already married to martina. does anyone have jerry springer's phone number?
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