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Anna Smashnova holds the Canberra trophy!

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2002 Canberra Women's Classic champion Anna Smashnova of Israel. She defeated Tamarine Tanasugarn in the final 7:5 7:6(2).
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What wrong with that!?
<img src="">
Thanks, Tine!

How do you put that? I did put
but it doesn't works! :confused:
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:eek: I could of went in my backyard and found some stuff to put together a better trophy then that! Is it suppose to be symbolic of something to that area??
I don't know, Matthew, maybe the
Alex..your first post is just an ordinary link...with the < a > tag.
You didn't put an image there :D
Yeah, Meesh, that's one of the ugliest trophies I have ever seen.

Imagine taking that trophy home? And where would you put it? In the attic where no one would ever see it? I think that's where I'd put it.
I've often wondered what the top players do with all these trophees.
I think that that trophy is one of the best!

Its so well deserves to be in a museum, not as a trophy!
Look at this one a week ago!;)
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LOL, you can hardly see the players.
Even the ballkids were taller.:eek:
that is the ugliest trophee ever seen on earth!!!!!!! And looks heavy too !!!! Who makes these ugly things anyhow????
I've often wondered what the top players do with all these trophees.
Martina was interviewed by Swiss Newspaper after her win at the Adidas International in Sydney on the weekend and they asked her what she had done with last years trophy. They are the same each year and they are those big crystal things. She said it was at her home in Truebbach, Switzerland on the kitchen table as a fruit bowl. They asked her want she would do with this years and she laughed and said maybe she would use it as a vegetable bowl. :)
It's a shame, isn't it?

You go through a tournament and whip through the competition and to represent your accomplishment you walk away with THAT!

Or maybe the tournament is being cost-effective? Maybe they made the trophy ugly on that the winner wouldn't want to take it home and wouldn't feel so bad without it?
Well, you walk away with lots of $$$. I suppose that eases the pain somewhat.
That trophy looks like something they would have given to one of the Flintstones, must be a relic from the pleistocene era.
That is a ugly trophy, lol, but I am proud of Anna.:)
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