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Very sad end to a very talented and skillful player but had only bad luck during her whole career : Injuries, feeling dizzy on the court, and the final nail to her coffin was the burglary she had at her home in Moscow ! This news was to be expected one day or another ! Wishing you a nice life outside tennis, Anna ! You'll be sorely missed ! :hug:

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Announce the end of a career is sometimes difficult . Anastasia Myskina and Dinara Safina still have not been able to say it out loud , even though all are well aware that their return to the court is unlikely. Anna Chakvetadze is on it was solved .


- I do not see myself more in professional tennis , so ready to say my career is over - the beginning of the conversation two-time winner of the Federation Cup for Team Russia . - Of course , it was a difficult decision , I have to suffer a little myself , but now finally matured . Because I realized that the point of return of tennis will not be - she was left behind. I have a chronic back injury that you want - you do not want , and would stop over career. So I decided to stop and try something else . A new life .

- When I first gave themselves known back problems ?

- In 2011 . After a seven-month break I started training again , and my body was totally unprepared. Against the background of physical activities and I was injured , which only worsened the course of next season. And it happened during class PFD when I threw the ball. Itself at the time felt that it was not ready physically and from the desire to quickly dial condition, probably overworked . For myself, I then realized that the most dangerous injuries that can affect the career of an athlete , we get during physical education classes .

- After receiving this injury , you do not think that it will become chronic ?

- No . Always looking to the future with optimism , and felt that I could get rid of all the problems. But to the extent that , as relapses occurred regularly , optimism diminished. And then it just got tired . During the period saw a number of doctors who are constantly telling me different things. I understand that it is their job , but I still like concrete - they are cured or not. And just a reality and was not. The doctors said , ' Let's try hormone injections, but we do not know how you'll feel in six months . " But after all tennis players need a full-fledged career . And do something with the idea - what if in six months you will be even worse , I was not ready. So I decided not to risk his health completely.

- What you have been diagnosed ?

- Herniated cervical and lumbar spine . I still have doctors advised upload back. I started to do it, and it became like better. But then came the tournament started to play well and I felt that back pain again . So to play a hundred percent did not, despite the fact that I felt that gradually gaining shape . Well, in this situation , what is the opportunity to continue to play on the strength of one - two games ? You just yourself and your team all that torment . After all, it is very difficult to give , including psychologically . You do not you come to a competition to lose in the first or second round . So I realized as I do not want to go on living .

- Operation doctors suggested ?

- No . It was about the only hormone injections .

- You have experienced the pain of filing or blow ?

- When the twisting motions that are needed in tennis ever . I completely stopped feeling his bekhend , and generally it is in the left side of me were very difficult to unwind . And at the back did not bother applying .

- In ordinary life feel uncomfortable ?

- Once in September 2012, I returned home from his last tournament in a career in Tashkent , then back hurt badly . I lay there a few weeks at home in a special belt, as the doctors advised me to at least movements. But all this , of course, did not help. I then supported the parents and friends . The last general constantly coming and brought various goodies - cakes, pastries ... I immediately corrected on a few pounds . First, I could not move , and even such food has been around ( laughs). During the day, I could eat the whole cake , plus a first-second and compote. I do not know good or bad, but it was so.

Of course, in reality no one close to the end did not know how rotten I felt at that moment. I just do not like to put things like that on the show. But no matter what their support was pleasant to me . On the other hand, it was hard to realize that I 'm never going to play tennis.

Then I had to start doing special exercises and treated like a normal life back ache stopped . Except in specific cases , when for example, I 'm sitting for a long time . I even now play a bit of tennis . Quietly , for myself , but still. Although the professional training of speech, of course , is not.

- A lot of tears shed in the days of home confinement ?

- I'm not crying . Experienced depression, so to speak. I would like to see no one and nothing to do . There was apathy . At that time, most of all I wanted to be left alone in peace with itself. Then another very often showed tennis on TV, I looked and thought : Now I want to take a paddle and play ... It's an amazing feeling when you do not what you can, and this want more .

- And when was the decision that it is time once again to see the light ?

- When I realized that I was lying , and nothing I did not pass. And then I started going to the doctors with the hope that with their help, even in ordinary life will move normally. I was told that it is necessary to swim , even though I can not stand it . But I had to - and like it became better.

- In 2011, you have repeatedly fainted right on the court. Why ?

- At a tournament in Dubai in the match against Wozniacki was just an unfortunate situation . All pile up on one day come together . None of the doctors still did not understand , I was told to relax a bit and be patient . But I do in those days, earache , for which at that time no one paid attention. Although I have talked to doctors about it. But we have to go round the fight against doping , and we can not drop his ears - is prohibited. So I said, Pokapaysya his nose a bit of sea water. In the end, all exacerbated to such an extent that the fainting was repeated in Stuttgart. A little later, have , at last , doctors realized that I was originally otitis inner ear , and then went complication. I treated all that long , but then again before the operation is not reached. Now everything is fine.


- Do you own careers than in the first place comes to mind now ?

- Its inception . Particularly remember my first US Open in 2004 , the year ( Chakvetadze then entered the main draw of the qualifying, then defeated Barbara Schett and current Roland Garros champion Anastasia Myskina - approx . VL ) . I then was a little 17 -year-old girl, and it was quite emotional. And then somehow it all went downhill ride .

- And remember winning the " Kremlin Cup " -2006 emotional and away match in the Fed Cup against Israel in 2008?

- Of course, that too. But it is always because you want more. Tennis - it's a sport where you spend the tournament, win it and feel the utter devastation . It seems that you have done, but you put a trophy on a shelf , and it all starts over again. Do you remember what you've won ? Yes. But there's always more you look forward than back .

- Do you regret that I never did get to play at the 2008 Olympics ?

- No, because I was totally unprepared for that tournament. And just to go to the Olympics and play in the first round would be wrong , even in relation to our other girls. Still, the competition at the time was very large , since almost four Russians were at that time in the top ten. And given that we end up in Beijing the podium in the women's singles have taken, even a good thing I did not go ( laughs). Besides, I know the players , for whom the Olympics was more important than the "Grand Slam " and they won the game . But for me the Olympics were not something big and ambitious. However, and to the " Grand Slam " I could not even reach the final, even though I really wanted to do it.

- That is a semi- US Open- 2007 with Svetlana Kuznetsova you look back now with trepidation ?

- Yes. But I think more about it from a negative point of view. Why ? Because it did not win . Of course , to get to the four it is a great achievement , but agree that to reach the final - much better. This is a completely different status . Semifinalists very much, but who remembers them all ? This was my chance , but I have not used it. And the worst thing in tennis - this is when you're not playing an important match , and your opponent is played the same way. That is, you eventually lose disgusting in itself the match. To yield an interesting fight, to fight when you're playing well , and your opponent 's great - it's a shame though , but more pleasant.

- In the semi-final and you and Kuznetsova played poorly ?

- Yes. And then that wind ... Match was disgusting for the semifinals of "Grand Slam" . Although my friends after the fight wondered: " Why are you upset ? " . And I answered - you do not understand . I really wanted to reach the final.

- Tennis tour was the way you and him, and represented?

- I did not think about it. Just went out to play tennis, and I did not care what there will be people . It seemed an afterthought. It was important to go to court and quietly win their match . But the defeat calmly turned quite rare ( laughs).

- You were very emotional on the court. It's more from the Pope or from your mom ?

- I have them both extremely emotional , so it's hard to tell from anyone else . But I just loud from dad ( laughs).

- Without tennis , as you now spewing emotion ?

- It's hard ( laughs). Normal life is given to me is very difficult, because I have many emotions that I usually splashed on the court. And it has been seen ( laughs). And now I realize that if every day I walk to work, I will have accumulated a lot of negative or positive , are nowhere to throw . So I quietly to himself started playing tennis and I felt a little more comfortable . Well, at least something . Of course, in my life I quieter and calmer than on the court. But it is better not to anger me ( smiles). I do not think that if you are emotional on the court , in ordinary life, be at peace . All this is an indication of your personality . So I can not call myself quite calm.

- You can easily go to the contact with people? Because I personally think that you are sufficiently covered.

- When engaged in tennis, then it was: I was closed and there was a Saami . And now I realized that I like to communicate with people , and they even like me .

- Closeness was conditioned only by your desire to focus on tennis ?

- Yes. I understand that it's a little weird , and probably more players have to talk to journalists , but to me all these press conferences so hard to give. You just can not imagine . I thought , how can I improve my forehand , that it needs to be changed , and at this point I asked some questions . And I answered, " Yes, What ? " . Completely different thoughts in my head were then . For me, the result has always been important , but what 's going on off the court - cameras, shooting and so on - it's not mine . Of course, it is important for the sport and its promotion , I understand it now , but I can say that getting pleasure from it during a career .

- You have revised their matches ?

- Yes. And sometimes I do not understand how I was able to show such good results. I once talked with Marat Safin , and he says: " I watched the recording from a victorious Australian Open, so I did not get quite right . Do not know how I did it won something ." So I have the same series .

- You have something to beat in his career ?

- His attitude to health. Now I understand that it is impossible to exhaust yourself . And then it seemed to me that the poor health self-will . Like, it's not global , so I 'll be trained and everything will be fine. Although in principle I feel very good to your body. Perhaps , with age, must often pay attention to the bells , which gives us the body . And I now realize that it is better nedotrenirovatsya than overtrain .


- How is your father Jamal took the decision to end your career? I still have the picture in front of his eyes as he stands next to one of the courts of Wimbledon and nervously smoking while you play .

- I told him about this before, and he supported me . Dad said that if the back hurts , it means that the problem is solved by itself. The fact that I went there with him for his last tournament, and he could see that happening to me. He is very upset and said, " Anne, if all this way, it is better to not have to continue ."

- But he misses the fact that it was ?

- He and I have not discussed it , but I think he misses . He loves tennis. In general, my parents are constantly watching broadcast television . I used to think that they love the sport just because of me, but it turned out that there is no ( laughs). It is sad . I have a younger brother, so my father is engaged them and their business. In the country there are court and on the weekends they spend there any matches .

- That is your famous home court was empty ?

- No . Generally this site with history, because initially there was a concrete court, then compactor. After that, it all turned into a football field for his brother. But when it became clear that it is not all fun again made ​​court - with hardovom coating.

- This court is located in the very house in which the winter of 2007 at night burglars broke ?

- Yes.

- That story you have changed a lot ?

- After that, I got an absolutely disastrous season . Just robbed me at the wrong time ( laughs). After all, at that time was to take preparation for the season . And I've already signed a contract with the WTA Tour, I had obligations to the association , according to which I was to speak at certain events. So I played , even though I did not have , such as training, and I was not in shape. So yes - it's affected my future career .

- As for the change from a human point of view?

- Influenced so. I revealed things I had never known before . Became deeper look into the essence of things ... (pause ) . I do not like injustice , but , unfortunately, in our world it exists. But what happened is what happened . Perhaps if all of this did not happen, at the moment I would have been different . I honestly thought at the time of the attack , there is everything for us , and will end, but we all survived . So fine - we live on.

- You talk about it with a slight smile , but I can not help feeling that you are still the whole story from him was not released . So it ?

- It's hard to say. I do not think that psychologically it all still weighs on me . Maybe then a few days there was some stress. Probably , though I have let this situation but , of course, she did still not pleasant. But first, it was a long time ago ... I will say this: I do not like the fact that people who do bad things in relation to the others, then live in peace . I believe that if you do something wrong, it should bear some responsibility for it .

- Robbers have not found it?

- No .

- And parents continue to live in this house?

- Yes. It seems to be an unpleasant sensation is gone, but I do not like this house . There a long drive and so on. Do not get any pleasure and come back just because my parents live there . If they were not there , I would not go there .

- Do not ask them to move?

- Tell them about it. But they felt that they wanted to live there in the future. I did not insist and moved by herself. Now I live in the city and to me it is much more convenient.

- After attacking your family become more cautious ?

- Parents are still closed for eight locks. Of course, the security of the system is now much better , because in the past was almost nothing . Yes, I myself became more cautious . But the man is so made , you can not think on a particular topic , as long as you personally, it's somehow not hurt .

- The story of the attack - not the only trouble that happened to you in those years ...

- Yes. In 2006, the year the day after I won the " Kremlin Cup " we drove the car . We then went with his father to one designer to take the clothes , as I was scheduled television shooting . We went to the store just for 15-20 minutes, get out , and no car . I then flashed only one thought: "I hope that it took the tow truck ." But it turned out that the car was stolen . As a result, it is also not found . A year later, something happened with the attack on the house . But most of us , nothing happened ( laughs).

- You have decided that you want to do after his career ?

- Not until the end . First of all , I want to try their hand at coaching . Plus I started to comment on the Tennis TV and I like it. Any thoughts on specific projects, but I have not yet fully codified it in his head. So I do not know how in the end everything will look like. I am currently a freelance artist , but I want to build a system. You see , for me, a very important result because I do not like to work for nothing. I want to see , well I 'm doing something or not. Here, for example , commenting on the tennis, I just get pleasure from the fact that the watch matches , express some of his thoughts and learning the craft from the good people .

- By coaching you already started ?

- Yes. Started to practice with a junior one . In another way, I looked at the tennis? Definitely . And I was wondering all this , I began to analyze their mistakes. I have in my career have been different coaches, but our cooperation is mainly produced short-lived. Probably because of my character , and competing visions . And now I'm wondering ideas to try on someone else. See , you get it or not. Of course, for all of this takes time , but the thought and knowledge that I would like to convey - is.

- Last question traditional , what do you advise young tennis players ?

- You can play good tennis, but if the player has no character, he will never achieve good results. Now I understand this very clearly. On the tour, about two thousand players , and each of them can find something. Someone has speed , someone feeding or separate strike . But if you're not prepared to fight to the end, in some cases even to step over something and I can not go through , it is better not do this . It should be very hard to love what you're doing. And while everyone has to be very big motivation . If not , it's hard to be a good athlete.

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Very sad to hear :sad:. Thanks for all the memories, Anna, you will be missed. Have a great life from now.

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Nooo Anna :bigcry:

Very very very sad. I miss her so much :sobbing: :sad:

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I'm gonna miss her a lot. :awww: For me, Anna stood out from the crowd not because of her looks but because of her tennis. Her style of play is something that you rarely see on a tennis court these days, and I'm referring to the fact that she had both power and variety in her game. Chak could hang with the big babes in a rally, but then, if she wanted to, she could also dissect them with finesse. I'll never forget that outrageous dropshot-lob-dropshot combo that she conjured up against Venus during their match in Rome 2009. That play left Venus sprawled out on the clay and me shaking my head in disbelief, but it was all too real because Anna could hit any shot in the book. :angel: She was a complete player, and that was what made her truly special.

Then there was her willingness to fight. She might not have looked it, but A-Chak was tough as nails. People get too caught up in the fact that she was so emotional on court in the early days, but if you look at what she battled through both on and off the court during the course of her career, the only reasonable conclusion that you can come to is that the girl was a fighter. Her fans will never forget that Fed Cup tie in Israel. It didn't matter how much that crowd taunted her; Chak was gonna win that match no matter what. She wasn't scared of them. You could see that she was actually enjoying the challenge of having to take them on in addition to her opponent. She had a really rough time of it trying to regain her best form after the home invasion, but even though some people lost faith in her, Anna never gave up. In the end, she was able to win that battle too. I'm sure that finally winning Portoroz, after all that she had been through, had to be one of the most gratifying moments of her career. Last but not least, I've got to mention the grit that she showed in that match against Wozniacki in Dubai 2011. How she was able to get the lead in that 2nd set while barely being able to stand upright was something truly amazing. For me, watching that match was bittersweet. On one hand, I didn't want to see Anna tormenting herself anymore by continuing to play, but, on the other hand, I absolutely loved watching her torment Caroline. If Anna was totally healthy that day, I think that she would have won that match. In the end, she was forced to retire from it, but I didn't care what the Win-Loss column said afterwards because, after a display like that, she was still a winner in my book. And, now that Chak is retiring from the sport, I still look at her in the exact same way. She fought the good fight, and she came out a winner.

I really hope that she does stick with coaching and commentating because she's got what it takes to be great at both of them. :)

Anna, thanks for all the awesome memories, and, like i said before, you will be missed. Wishing you all the best as the next chapter begins. :smooch:

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@A_Chakvetadze 10h

Огромное спасибо за вашу поддержку и теплые слова! Для меня это очень важно �� Thanks for your love and support are the best! ��

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Anna Tshakvetadze... who is that girl, this was the first thought when she won Wimbledon girls SF in straight sets as qualifier against my countrywoman Emma Laine, our biggest hope in ages to get a woman to the top of tennisworld ;) Ok, some lucky girl whom I will never hear again...

Next year I went to Stockholm, to watch Nordic Light Open, 1st round match Farina-Elia - Chakvetadze, hey this name reminds me of something... ok it is the same girl that shattered our hopes last year in Wimbledon, now let's see how she plays :)

At first it was those wild screams when she missed a shot that got my attention, then wow, how can she play such great angles, oh my she is too cute with her ponytail :hearts: , now this is getting interesting, unfortunately after a great fight she eventually lost 6-7 6-3 3-6 but she won a true fan who never got the opportunity to see her live again but cheered for her through the years, thanks to Eurosport and its great coverage of womens tennis ;)

Later that year she broke into fame by defeating Myskina in the 2nd round of US Open but it took her 2 more years to get to the top of her game by winning her home tournament Kremlin Cup in Moscow :cheer: , that 1st round trashing of Dinara was maybe the best I've ever seen her play, also 3rd set vs Lena in SF was great and the final of course ;)

2007 was a great year of tennis for Anna and her fans, US hard courts were just made for her gamestyle :D , unfortunately later that year there were some scumbags who tore her life and game apart and after that incident she never was the same player again :sad:

Some amazing performances in FedCup next year stays always in my mind but she was already sliding downhill in her career and we could see only glimpses of her incredible shotmaking and too much easy unforced errors...

Such a humble person, so pretty, angles you can only dream of, great fighter and of course that ponytail, always on my mind :hug:

Have a wonderful life Anna and good luck on your coaching career :hearts:

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ehh Anna :sad::sobbing::sobbing::sobbing::sobbing::sobbing:

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oh Anna - I'm so sad... but also glad that she has come to a decision. I'm more sad by how cerebral/critical Anna is of herself and that she feels her career was an underachievement. In pure talent terms I think she has a point to some extent, she had the game and brain to be even more successful - but I'll always remember her awesome fight on court and her outrageous shot selections :)

*hugs to all the other sad Anna fans*
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