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ANNA K is now ranked #4

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In the money rankings, that is. :p

1. MARTINA HINGIS ... SUI ... $642,290
2. JENNIFER CAPRIATI ... USA ... $520,981
3. MONICA SELES ... USA ... $256,245
4. ANNA KOURNIKOVA ... RUS ... $191,789
5. VENUS WILLIAMS ... USA ... $184,173
6. KIM CLIJSTERS ... BEL ... $163,374
7. DANIELA HANTUCHOVA ... SVK ... $123,194
8. SILVIA FARINA ELIA ... ITA ... $115,490
9. JUSTINE HENIN ... BEL ... $115,073
10. LISA RAYMOND ... USA ... $106,217
11. AMELIE MAURESMO ... FRA ... $104,773

Interesting how, ANNA with that low ranking has still won more dough than some of the top players, so far.

This money list rank is still no excuse for her inability toget that ONE title win. That, however, is a discussion for a seperate thread.
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well watching her match against Venus (first set), Anna has definitly everything to be a top 10 player, and I think she'll return. She'll win a title one day..I'm sure of that
The only problem is that about $110,000 of that is from doubles (Melbourne and Sydney)
These numbers are more an oddity than an indicator of ANNA finally winning some titles.
Well......take out the doubles earnings and you'll get a totally different money list!This list is nothing but a money list ..... and not an indicator whatsoever of who's playing better right now!!!

having said that........ good for her !!!
LOL at very bored now.. are you saying Anna's a pig? ;)

So these figures incorporate doubles money? They must because I believe Anna is ahead of just about everyone on tour in total money earned ( including endorsements.) :rolleyes:
Go Anna!You rule no matter what!!!
She deserves the money for all the abuse she gets from the media.

Good for her :).
Abuse from the media?

puh-lease - if it wasn't for the media, wouldn't even exist.
Good for Anna.She deserves that.
marshmellow - I wasn't insulting Anna.
I quite respect that she does so well despite the immense pressure on her, and 2343243 camera's clicking everywhere she goes. It can't be easy.

However, if it wasn't for the media she wouldn't be who she was - she'd just be another tennis player. The media builds up her image, and provides her pictures to the masses. So although they are hard on her, I find it hard to put blame on the media for what they do. It goes both ways.
Becca, you said it yourself, the media builds her up and then critcizes her.

She never asked them to do that so does she deserve to have the world constantly critcise her because she's never won a title, just reached the semis of Wimbledon ?

As you can all see I'm not sure how to spell criticise/criticize :confused:
And BTW I don't subscribe to the theory that she courts media attention and therefore deserves to be attacked. I just think she knows how to deal with them better than several others I could mention.
Whether ANNA earned the money playing doubles or singles, the fact still stands that she did earn the money through tournament play. :cool: :rolleyes:
Well Anna appears to be doing something right given that all of this is tennis money (I can't believe I said that).
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