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Thank you. Feel free to be candid, but don't you see at least SOME resemblance here?

Anna doesn't let her hair down often, it seems(I've found exactly ZERO such pics so far) but--IF you're lucky enough to catch such a photo--I'll bet you the resemblance is even more striking.
No I don't see any resemblance but since I don't share your love for Sweet Caroline that could be selective vision in my part.:eek:h:

Lux SF: Penko def Blnky 3-6 6-3 6-2

Ana started really well but lost out on the second and very few players could have done much the way Penko was bashing in the third. Still another excellent week, :yeah: up to 59 in the Live Rankings.:eek:
1361 - 1361 of 1361 Posts