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Angela Haynes is impressive

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She's sort of come out of nowhere this summer, I'd never heard of her before, but she was putting up a pretty good fight against Pisnik. She definitely has good potential.
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She definitely has a lot of potential.

A good slice backhand, also a two-hander. Loves to venture to net. Hits a big ball. Nice Big Serves.

She moves pretty well too.

I think she will be someone to look out for later on.
Dawn Marie said:
She just needs some experience and big match practice. I will look forward to watching her play in the future.

That is exactly what she needs.

I actually believe it's probably the same with Bea Bielik as well. They both just need more matches against players in the top 100, they'll eventually gain more experience, and then they will improve.

Good Luck to Angela and Bea in the future. :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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