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Andy and Jan-Michael....Happy together again

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I was so wrong about them.........

I thought they already divorced.
But this time, in the tournament, I saw their names in the doubles draw. Well, what happened?

Maybe Jan-Michael worry too much about Jim Courier. But after Jan-Michael and Andy talked, they then fall in love again???

oooooo....I dont know.....what do you think??!!!!


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LOL they must have worked through their arguments!
make up sex is usually great. So is goodbye sex.
Andy has a girlfriend, i saw him and her in tennis magazine all snuggled up. But I didn't know all that was going on.:eek: I remember him and Jim walking through centre court at Wimby holding hands but I didn't know they got down..:D
Jenny Fan is far too good looking to have his picture blinding us with his beauty everytime we visit the board - I think he should be banned ;)

His friends are really attractive as well - it's sickening!!! :p
Jenny Fan...Is that really you? You're so good looking!!

Well, heard that Jan-Michael has a girlfriend too. It's not wrong having a girlfriend though.

Andy and Jan-Michael know each other really well.

maybe they started a trio :hearts:
geez keith, put a shirt on hun :rolleyes:

andy and jan ei? hmm.....:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

what great news!!!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce:

I really think they can be a great team if they keep playing together:drool:

PS: I always thought Jim and Jan would make a better couple, does anyone remember their infamous interview(I think it was for the TNS network) Jim was blushing when Jan-Mike told him he preferred to be called Hollywood, and all because it was Jim Courier himself who thought of that nickname :hearts: :hearts: God!!!!that interview was too cute from start to end:kiss:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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