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Anca Barna most beautiful Berlin experience

Originally written in German by Barbara Klimke

Source in German : Die Weit
09 May 2003

In this year, Anca Barna, the German number one in the tennis, brought only one of herr three dogs to the German Open as well. Vierbeiner Cri-Cri had to remain however outdoor yesterday: Animal fool Anca still visited the Berlin zoo before beginning of the fourth day. Like a small girl, the 26-year old one beamed as shet was allowed to pick up gorilla baby Djambala. Most of all, the born Romanian would have liked to take like the trustful monkeys with home. "Gladly, I would work honorary in a zoo once someday." Momentarily is Anca and her friend and Trainer Horst Engel however full and completely with the tennis career busy. Maybe Anca has luck and wins the tournament in Dubai once. There, the winner shall give a camel gotten
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