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Whats up with her,last yr in New haven she played so great it was amazing,and she had some great results,but this yr she seems different,and from what ive seen/saw at the open her attitude and game play has changed(whats up with that loopy forehand);tho her serve seems more of a "weapon".I heard tracy say something like she dumped her coach of last yr to work with her boyfriend as a coach this yr,which would make sense,but come on anastasia!!!

last night she seemed really sloopy,and was not in position/ready for a lot of shots,which at many levels may not have come back but SHES IN THE TOP 10,she should know better.I mean when i saw her play last yr during New haven i was shocked,but knew she should/could be top 10,but now that she is in top she isnt playing like it!!
Is this a slump,change of work ethic/style or what??
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