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More than a game - Top players design
Apr 12, 2007, 11:29

Serena Williams has a theory about fashion and tennis.
"I feel like if I look good, I’ll play good," she has said of her often eye-catching apparel choices on the court.

Fresh from her Sony Ericsson Open championship win in Miami last month, Williams will get a chance to strut her stuff at the 2007 Family Circle Cup this week, both athletically and artistically.

"I think fashion just expresses whoever you are," Williams said at an all-access media hour event at the Family Circle Tennis Center on Monday.

Currently the No. 3 seed in the FCC tournament, Williams debuted her own signature line of clothing, Aneres (Serena spelled backwards) two years ago.

She also has a custom-designed apparel line with Nike. Often her court attire gets as much press as her power-packed performance, such as the time she donned a short, skin-tight black "cat suit" outfit at the U.S. Open.

"(Fashion) is really important," added Williams, who has also been known to wear specially made knee-high ‘tennis boots’ on the court at times. "I love that and I love acting. But right now, my main focus is tennis."​

Like Williams, 17 year-old Nicole Vaidisova, the No. 1 seed in the FCC, is also delving into fashion design. The Czech Republic native is working with Reebok on her own tennis apparel line.

"I definitely like what (Serena) does," said Vaidisova, who also answered reporters’ questions on Monday. "I loved the boots. They were awesome. But I do try to do my own thing. Of course, we have totally different styles. I’ll try to mix it up a little bit and have different materials and different looks …You spend so much time on the courts, you really want to make it fun."

Both Williams, and her sister, Venus, a fashion designer, like to accessorize on the courts with jewelry. For Vaidisova, simplicity is best.

"I like jewelry," she said. "But no huge earrings or anything. You have to play in it!"

Ana Ivanovic, another top-seeded player in this week’s tournament, describes her fashion style as "sport-elegant".​

"I think every woman has some interest in fashion," said the fresh-faced and energetic Ivanovic. "I like to see what’s ‘in’ and to see what’s popular to wear, but I would never wear something that doesn’t fit my style."

Ivanovic, who is playing the FCC for the first time, has her own theory about what to wear on the courts.

"It’s obviously nice to look good, but it’s most important how you feel on the court," she said. "Of course, if you’re comfortable wearing something and it looks good, that’s an added plus!"

Tennis fans didn’t have to wait for the tournament to begin to see some of the latest fashion trends. Lacoste, one of the premier sponsors of this year’s FCC, took its latest styles to the streets of downtown Charleston on Monday for a special Fashion Show featuring several of the tournament’s players.​

"(Tennis styles) have evolved differently for different companies," said Robert Siegel, Lacoste CEO, before Monday’s runway show. "But for our brand, it’s really gone from fashion tennis-wear to sportswear. A lot of it is how the girls wear it, and how their own personal style comes out."

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ana's fashion sense is just blah,its just an adidas outfit that doesnt flatter her body,on nicole' s outfits the orange is just too much reebok really missed the mark with their outfits this season.
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