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I cursed you with my last verse, "stick" got you vexed, still trying to decipher the meaning of the text.

Stick_n_move, turn the page, find your own groove. Digest it
make some strides, time to improve.

The life that ya living it aint meant for you. Find your purpose, life's meaning, get yourself a boo.

Own it! Be it! Everything is you! Surround yourself with positives in all that you do.

Live your life with no strife, no shame in your game. Forget all them haters trying to blow out your flame.

Learn the lesson, quit your stressin you'll find when you do, you'll receive the blessing, get the message, that was meant just for you.

Shine your light, keep it bright for others to see. Don't fake the funk, emulate don't imitate, just be who you be.
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