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Actually, I wonder if Chang, Agassi and Sampras are first or second generation Americans. If they are, it's probably easier to say that they are a product of their heritage. If they are first or second generation Americans, it's not likely that their parents would totally avoid all mention of their familial ancestry and culture. But having said all that...

Why hasn't Chang's Chinese background, Agassi's Iranian background and Sampras' Greek background influenced those particular countries to produce some top players? Don't most countries adopt Americans who have the same background as them? The Aussies do it all the time. If there's a chance someone is remotely Australian like Taylor Dent, the Aussies will claim 'em on the spot. ;)

The Chinese definitely see Chang as one of their own even though he speaks with an American accent, and is American through-and-through. For the reason of his background, he has brought popularity to tennis all over Asia, and his presence has inspired the likes of Paradorn Srichaphan.

Chang's influence in Asia easily surpasses that of Agassi and Sampras in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, respectively. You only have to look at the roaring success of the Masters Cup in Shanghai or the wild fans that flock to see the tournaments in Hong Kong and Japan. Where are the young Iranian boys wanting to emulate Agassi? Where are the young Greek boys looking up to Sampras?

It strikes me as odd, but then I realize there are relatively few ATP events in Iran or Greece, so how would Agassi or Sampras even begin to promote the game over there? Is television coverage enough? Do Greeks and Iranians know of Agassi and Sampras' backgrounds?

I'm not sure if that's off-topic or not. No offence.
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