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... fell asleep between the two semis ? :eek: :zzz:

The good thing: I saw this coming so I put on the VCR. :D

I just saw the match in a 30-minutes version by using a lot of fast-forwarding and WOW what have I missed !!! :mad: :smash:

Amazing match. Jen was so good, unbelievable - and still she couldn't serve out the match, which is probably her biggest weakness.
And Justine - she was 2 points away from defeat at least 10 times, and at least 3 times she saved it with crazy points (and yes, some luck as well):

- with that unbelievable drop-volley drop-shot :eek:
- with that defensive moonball which was like 3 metres out before the wind blew it back into court :eek:
- with that ace despite cramping and using a "half-assed" service-motion because of that. :eek:

Fantastic !!! :bigclap:
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