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Evie has taken a huge financial gamble in the hope that she can really improve her game and career.

She has invested a heap of her prizemoney in hiring her own personal coach for the first time. This is a massive investment for her as she certainly isn't earning a lot at the moment, nor has she the last few months, she has had to save to afford this! Tennis Australia are also helping fund this arrangement as they want to encourage this.

Her coach, now full time, is none other than Chris Kachel who was head coach of the AIS for 8 years. He resigned there end of January this year.

They have been working extremely hard the last month or so after Evie's disappointing Australian Open loss.

Kachel will begin travelling with Evie come April 1st and wil travel with Evie up to 25 weeks this year. He says Evie is deadly serious about this investment and has already put in huge efforts and the commitment and motivation is there to really get her career kickstarted!
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