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Hi everyone!

We have some VERY important changes.

<br />First of all, the game is now being run by Randy Hoffman, myself and Caio Braz. FWTA has become so big that more than 1 person is needed to run it. So welcome them to the game.

Secondly, from now on, our email to send pts, questions and anything FWTA related is [email protected]

We are currently trying to get at least 52 players, we have 49 players at this stage. We are doing this because we are going to run 2 events per week to make it more interesting and easier for the beginners to start off. YOU MUST NOW COMMIT TO EVENTS! A thread should be up soon in the Games Forum. Commit there or BY EMAIL!

<br />Also, check the website daily as it's updated daily with the latest scores, draws, order of play etc.

<br />Also, you may not know this but on the website, where it says 'This Week on Tour', the tournament underneath it is a link. Same with all other headings!

<br />Thanks!

<br />Here are the links to the tournaments this week:

This week, the events are the FWTA Sanex Championships and the BMW Tennis Classic.

Here is the link!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Also - All players are in!
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