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(1)Davenport v. BYE
Craybas v. Q
Q v. Q
(16)Zuluaga v. Q

(10)Jankovic v. Henin-Hardenne
Peng v. Irvin
Benesova v. Q
(6) Zvonareva v. BYE

(4) Williams v. BYE
Chladkova v. Camerin
Raymond v. Razzano
Frazier v. (13)Golovin

(12)Farina Elia v. Kostanic
Strycova v. Martinez
Morigami v. Garbin
(7) Petrova v. BYE

(8) Schnyder v. BYE
Marrero v. Medina G
Stosur v. Ruano Pascual
Koukalova v. (9)Likhovsteva

(14)Asagoe v. Q
Daniilidou(WC) v. Shaugnessy
Q v. Vaidisova
(3)Myskina v. BYE

(6)Molik v. BYE
Pratt (WC) v. Srebotnik
Gullikson (WC) v. Groenfield
Q. v. Sugiyama

(15)Pierce v. Washington
Llagostera v. Sucha
Randriantefy v. Jidkova
(2)Dementieva v. BYE

OMG, possibly Pratty AGAIN in second round :banghead: Pratt must be sooooo tired of Alicia demolishing her in straight sets.

Anyway, Alicia has a pretty decent draw IMO :yeah: Especially when you look at the other half :scared: Hopefully, Alicia will have more success here than in Amelia Island :D

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:wavey: ~Rach~ :p

Uh oh. possible quarter against Mary.. clash between my 2 faves :sad:

Good luck to Alicia and Mary :)

Is there doubles? Is Alicia playing it? Who with? :p

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hey rach and cathy :wavey:

great draw but so was amelia island and we know what happened there... :eek:
im kinda glad she played doubs in amelia now, for the practise on clay. last week has made me realise that i cant take anything for granted with alicia but i am confident she can make the quarters easily, and she has had a better yr than anyone else in the bottom half so theres no reason y she cant make the final. CMON ALICIA!!!

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Poor Nicole . . . cannot escape alicia !!


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she pulled out with an ear infection :sad: :sad: :hug: hope shes ok soon!!
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