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Vixen, thanks for the report. The longer the better. :)
Wish I was there too. :(

It's good to hear that Akiko stayed mentally strong, cos she's known to lose her temper at times too. ;)
BTW, what was her hair colour this time?

It's no surprise that Eun-Ha and Miho went up to the net as they are all court players.
Miho's just recovering from a pretty bad leg injury, could you see any signs of this injury today? I read a nice interview in a Japanese tennis magazine featuring her and she said she was really looking forward to playing the Aus Open and that she's good friends with Ai Sugiyama. They even sang at the Karaoke for hours. lol

Hi Kaelin, this is Akiko's 2nd GS qualies. Her first was the 2000 US Open, but she's improved a lot since then. :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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