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This is long --- but I hope you guys like it J -

Widjaja vs. Belobradjic

Well, Widjaja’s performance was less then spectacular in this match. Jenny.B hits quite hard off the ground although she is not tall or big…. Her slice backhand was more consistent then Widjaja’s doublehanded…. Angie frequently hit balls out in this match…. She seems to try and belt everything rather then construct points. Her serve was o.k …. As I expected she hit several powerful winners…. But was unable to really make her power tell. Jenny.B liked to hit swinging smash volleys and that made me realize that she was quite confident and comfortable out there today. Despite going for big groundies I only saw Angie approach the net once in the match!
Jenny wore a bright lime green and highlighter pink outfit. Often Jenny.B could reuturn the ball with euqal pace today and didn’t let Angie dictate points at all…she did everything right fast consistent and took advantage of Angies errors. Angie also looked a little frustrated with herself. JennyB’s family were there cheering her on as well …. Angie I am sure Is a better player …. But Jenny played very well today so Angie shouldn’t be to angry … infact Jenny pretty much would have played near her best …. Angie not so good at all….but Jenny seems like quite a talent though Her young relatives had banners saying GO JENNY – she smiled looking embarrassed but she is a quality opponent for shure .

Eun-Ha Kim vs. Galina Fokina

This match was a good surprise for me as I expected Galina to dominate with her strong groundies. Galina appeared quite short …. But looks quite muscular – she wore a one piece white dress. Eun-Ha is quite stunning …. Tall and very atheletic and fit. Pretty as well- wearing a two-peice outfit. She knows how to take on more powerful opponents and exploits their inconststency. Galina was more powerful…But Eun-Ha was very smart ….. slicing the backhand and hitting a semi-moonball topspin shot …. She would only take the risk and attack on her forehand when it was absolutely necessary. She moved Galina around simply keeping the ball deep… frequently Galina would go on the attack and power away into the corners…. But Eun-Ha was a great retriever…. She moves from side to side of the court very well…. She got back so many balls … then counter attacks with her forehand. It was clear that Eun-Ha has no visible weapons …. But she mixes up her play and seems very composed on court. Galina hit hard and low …. But never really that deep …. So Eun-Ha approached the net a few times …. She hits brilliant volleys. Eun-Ha triumphed in the end when Galina hit a ball long.

Miho Saeki vs. Gisela Dulko

Miho is a very good baseliner and faced another good baseliner today….. Miho has a very pale face, she wore a pink top and white skirt I think… she doesn’t show too much emotion on court. There wasn’t as much to say about this mactch …. Gisella perhaps hit a bit harder but didn’t move as well as Miho. Quite a few people watched this match. Miho is quite fast and like Eun-Ha she attacked the net several times … she has great touch …. There was a Japanese photographer taking photos of her as she played. Miho was little more consistent then Gisela who did more attacking but Miho did everything pretty good today … just enough to win ;) - Dulko missed a few too many shots today though .... but she still fought quite hard .... Miho did very well to beat a talented youngster ;)

Su-Wei Hseih vs. Joana Cortez

Despite the scoreline this was a pretty close match. Su-Wei is quite thin but not so short. Her little brother and sister were there and father….. the kids were very cute! The father sat in the front row and the kids played cards a few rows back. The dad drank a chocolate bigM (flavoured Milk) …. The dad looked rather untouched by his daughters performance … He was quiet and only very rarely clapped for her….. he must be used to her winning by now. The match started with few unforced errors … all baseline rallies. Joana Cortez was a much bigger girl … although she was very fit. Su-Wei was more powerful … her groundies really are stinging…. All corners all deep all flat and low….Cortez had trouble attacking Su-Wei who often had her on the backfoot…. Cortez placed the ball quite well and tried to move Su-Wei around…. But Su-Wei moves incredibly fast she really gets everything back. Joana seemed a little frustrated as she was frequently defending Su-Wei’s powerfull grounies. Su-Wei has very good tequnique …. She takes a very big swing at the ball – that is why she generated such great power. Her serve is not strong at all though …. Joana hit a few winners off it infact. But Su-Wei overall was much too talented…. Her groundies much too strong. She seemed much more powerful then Angie … let alone more consistent. She really pounds the ball for such a small girl
I would not ber surprised if she qualifies ;)
Congrats Su-Wei. :D

Rika Fujwara vs. Adriana Szili

Adriana was more impressive when I first got there …. Very hard hitting…. But the tide turned ;) all of a sudden Rika came from 1-4 or 2-4 and levelled it at 4 all ….. she hits very hard and deep ….. best of all … she charges the net at every opportunity … Szcili played well….. but Rika kept too much pressure on her…. Not so much with consistency but with deep aggressive groundies…. Not the same Rika I heard of that moonballs many shots…. She was all attack . She always goes for her shots and goes for winners…. Many of them went in today …. She should cause her next opponent many problems if she doesn’t turn defensive ….. she looks young and has a bit of flare as well when she goes for her shots…. She really is exiting to watch – she gives a big grunt as she hits her shots – she seemed like a quality player

Akiko Morigami vs. Anastacia Rodionova

Akiko simply kept it together mentally. Anastacia became hot headed and frustrated. Akiko only really kept the ball in play after Anastacia cracked it at the chair umpire for giving her a code violation for swearing. Rodionova hit a ball long and muttered ‘fucking bitch’ under her breath. When she was told off she got very emotional and started crying…. “I was speaking Russian” “ what did you hear me say” she semi-screamed. I felt sorry for her….. she stood there for quite a while with a few tears in her eyes breathing heavily – she looked tired and distressed….. she then hastily lost the next few points and the match was over…. Akiko showed no emotion – she was maybe a little surprised at what happened ….. Akiko shaked the umpires hand …. And then Anasticia did and glared at the umpire for quite a while and didn’t stop eye contact with her---- just glared in anger….. then walked off.
Akiko still kept it together – good luck in the next round Akiko :D

Nana Miyagi lost so fast I didn’t even see her! LOL ;)
Yoon-Jeong was also there watching Yong-Il Yoon. She was chatting to a few Korean girls.

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No .... i didn't see him take any notes. a little shocked he didn't see Cortez as much of a threat because she played quite well...... but Su-Wei still had control of the match. ;)
Akiko's hair colour was redish/brown to my recollection.

Yes you are welcome to show my report to Su-Wei fans Yu-Lun

oh, and yes! Su-Wei did use that wierd serve when she slices it in with no pace at all! .... it has plenty of spin on it though ;) --- i wouldn't say its an effective serve! ;) ....
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