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There's Porsche in the corner of the centre court and it is waiting for the winner. Do you feel it?

Yeah! Sure. It's enough to drive 50 km/h in such car to feel it. But this colour... White gets dirty, especially in Kraków.

You look as if you were not interested in this car?

I am interested but there are four opponents beetween us.

Hotel is just next to the venue so that means that you don't loose time for an approach. Are you bored?

I've got a computer with myself. I talk a lot with Karolina Wozniacki. I train, watch interesting matches and time passes by really fast.


I can't wait shopping in Hugo Boss shop. It's such an outlet for the initiated. Nobody from outside has an access there, you must have a special card. Players can do shopping there so I will take my chance for sure.

How much will you spend?

It depends how much I will earn.

If you win the tournament, you will have earned 2 millions dollars since the beginning of the career.

Maybe, but I don't follow it every day. It will be done, if not here, but for sure in this year.

Let's look at the different statistics: in this year nine wins (without Stuttgart) and seven looses. It seems to be far from what you can do and what others expect from you.

No loose, at least in the first round, doesn't satisfy me. I won't put back the time and I want hang myself in the changing room. However the loose after poor game is something different than loose after a good game.

Which looses hurts most?

To Mauresmo in Paris - even though I played ill - the score should have been different. And to Pavlyuchenkova in Indian Wells - none of us showed the class.

Your shedule is very tight until Roland Garros - Stuttgart, Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Paris... Will you be healthy enough?

Shedule was to be different. In November as the one from the TOP10 I had to choose the unmandatory tournaments. I chose Stuttgart and Rome. Afterwards it occured that I will have to play Fed Cup and Warsaw would be earlier than it was to be...

On thursday there will be a match with Tsvetana Pironkova. You won six times and only once you lost. Does it mean that you have a patent for the Bulgarian?

I must just go on the court and do what I have to do. It want be easy because Pironkova has lately risen in the ranking. This surface is faster a bit from a normal clay, so it should help rather me, we'll see...

by / translated by Martin S.

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Thanks for the interview
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