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Henin-Hardenne Calls It Quits

Justine gives a teary-eyed press conference on her retirement.

IWTT Headquarters - Justine Henin-Hardenne put an early end to her career today in IWTT.

After just two tournaments, the Belgian decided that enough was enough, citing a couple of reasons for her retirement from the game of tennis.

One of the reasons was the slow moving pace of the tour, as after a month of the tour, only two tournaments had been played, all sporadically. "It's difficult to participate on a high level and win when the tournaments have no real schedule to them," she claimed.

Another reason was the career-threatening injury that Justine suffered even before the season started. That injury would be her torn ACL.

"For sure, it's been a difficult month for me," said Justine. "I've been working really hard to make this injury better."

"It's affected my play, and clearly the results have shown the effects of my injury," she said.

"But there's no cure for it."

Of course, Justine Henin-Hardenne chose to leave the tour on a good note, as she wishes everyone good luck.

"I know someday the tour will be a hit, but right now, it will have to develop without me," said Justine.

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Venus Williams WINS Adelaide

Venus Williams holds the Adelaide trophy after winning the final. Williams beat Italian Silvia Farina-Elia for the title.

Venus Williams had a tough road to her first ever title in Adelaide by in the quarterfinals winning against Na Li 7-6(5),3-6,6-3, semifinals outlasting Suarez 7-6(0),5-7,7-6(4), and finally defeating Silvia Farina Elia in the final 7-6(5),3-6,6-3.

"It was a long road. Three sets in each match but I pulled through for my first title. It feels great to win and I love this tour" said Venus.

Williams will head to Sydney next week to continue her great play.
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