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Acura QF predictions

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PETROVA        |
               |__PETROVA  ___
               |  DAVENPORT   |
RUBIN    ______|              | 
DAVENPORT                     |
                              |__DAVENPORT CH
                              |  CLIJSTERS
KUZNETSOVA ____               |
LIKHOVTSEVA    |              |
               |  CLIJSTERS
RAYMOND  ______|
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Sorry but Justine will beat Nadia this evening :)
I didn't say Justine would beat Nadia for sure :p I know Nadia is a great player and that it could be a difficult match but I think/hope Justine came strong out the match against Elena :)

So sorry Justine will beat Nadia :)
Ryan16 said:
Volcana automatically assumed Clijsters HAD to have the cakewalk draw, and assumed Davenport/Rubin was in Henins side.

Well in the beginning the half of Justine looked heavier with Serena and Jennifer in it but they withdrew so it a bit easier now on that side ;)
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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