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I think it is time for me to do a write up;) . Don't have time now, but I will try to get one out.

Singles Main Draw:

Doubles Main Draw:

Singles Points Due: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at 9:00AM EDT (one day earlier for those in qualifying)

Doubles Teams Due: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 at 9:00AM EDT

Doubles Points Due: Thursday, July 30, 2003 at 9:00AM EDT

Keep a steady stream of articles flowing please!
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Myskina to make Moscow debut

Russia lost a player last week in the hideously disfigured Nadia Petrova but it has regained a new player, in the form of Anastasia "Nastya" Myskina.

"Nadia was really ugly. I heard David Nalbandian is in therapy after she took off her clothes in front of him. I'm much prettier when I have my mouth closed" says the pleasant Myskina.

Anastasia will face Venus Williams in the opening round and says she expects to win, setting up an encounter with 3rd seed Lena Bovina.

'Venus sucks. I'll win that match then I'll get my ass whopped by Lena because she loves clay and I don't. Oh well"

Myskina will team up with Bovina in the doubles in Moscow, the pair are in the finals of the Australian Open where they say they have little chance of winning.

"Anna and Martina will win because the linecalls are rigged. RIGGED. Oh well, I'll just beat them down off the court. Go me!"

She seems nice enough, a little deranged, but nice.

Go Nastya!

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I will send points.. :rolleyes: :wavey:

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Irvin takes on her worst enemy... clay.

Marissa practicing with Dementieva.

Q. You say you're not very good on clay.Why so?
Marissa: I'm okay on it, but not as dominating as on hardcourt.

Q. You face Kirilenko, what do you think of this match?
Marissa: It could be tough. She's good on clay.

Q. You seem alot nicer than before. What's up?
Marissa: I don't like being like everyone else. ( :rolleyes: )

Q. There were rumors about Marat Safin, Elena Bovina, and you.
Marissa: Ummmm.. what?

Q. You're not aware?
Marissa: Ummmm...

Q. Supposedly Lena, Marat, and you had a.... how can I say? A three-way..
Marissa: Yes, it was nice.

Q. How was it?
Marissa: Great.... Lena has a great tongue and Marat is huge.

Q. Did you use protection?
Marissa: No. I like it straight.

Q. Did you have any action with Elena?
Marissa: Of course, who could resist her?

Q. Many people hate her.
Marissa: She's great in bed.

The 3 fuck-birds.

Q. You are playing doubles with Dementieva. How are you two in real life?
Marissa: We love making fun of Sharapova.

Q. She's a good player.
Marissa: Nah. She's scary.

Q. You have a contract with "Sour Punch Straws", how's that coming along?
Marissa: Good. I love.... *digs Sour Punch Straws out of nowhere and holds up* SOUR PUNCH STRAWS! :D

Q. What's your favorite fla..
Marissa: Bye.
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Exclusive Jennifer Capriati Interview

Q. Jennifer, what you had a very good run in Tokyo and Sydney once again, with a final and a title. You seemed very in form going into the Australian Open

Yeah, I didn't actually play my best tennis but it was good enough to get those kind of results. I expected a good result and I got it, that's all. If those wins come in 3 sets battles or in double bagles, I don't care. It's the win that matters

Q. Then what happened in Melbourne?

I have no idea. I mean Jelena played out of her mind that's for sure, I had to dig very deep, and she's too talented too not be in the top10. I had one of the toughest first round matches. That match could have gone either way, but I'm glad for Jelena she won and offcourse I'm disspointed for myself, it was another chance for a first singles Slam since my US Open Junior title.

Q. Could the loss be blamed to the absence of your coach, or are there still other reasons?

Yeah partially. We worked out an all round tactical plan to play, and it worked, but only I had some bad luck against Jelena. Then it's only the tour directors fault I can blame the rest on. I mean he's a very cool guy, with one of the best tours ever run, but I just don't like how he tells other players the type of game I play, and I know others don't like it as well.

Q. So, how do you look forward to the clay season. Big points to defend right with titles here in Moscow and Rome.

I will try not to think to much about defending those points. I want some consistant results, and the Roland Garros title to overcome my Slam curse.

Q. Well that was a clear answer. You trained yesterday, did you encounter any difficulties adapting to the red dirt.

No, not at all.

Q. Who are you playing doubles with?

Well I hope Jelena. I really don't like her attitude at the moment. I know she is a good player and I want to play with her. But when we loose she blames herself for not being a good partner, but we step as two on the court and two from the court. When we loose, we loose as a team. I picked her and promised to guide her trough a season in doubles, trough good and bad. If we loose that is also because of me. I know we'll get the results very soon, If she could just change that 'inferior to Jennifer' complex. I hope that win over me in Melbourne, helped her with that. I know I'm a solid top 4 player, and should have no troubles to hold that position in any way, but I'm certainly not the best ever, and should not get worshiped.

Q. (speechless) What happened to the cocky Jennifer?

There never was one, only when I get offended in anyway. I guess getting older also made me less outspoken and made me put things into perspective. I don't want to be in the center of the spotlights, I just want to play some good tennis.

Q. Thanks for this interview, can I get a kiss?

You're welcome, but no kissing allowed from Matthew
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Jelena Dokic / Jennifer Capriati? :sad:

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Third time, the right time?

After Martina lost the finals in the last two editions, maybe this is the right time to take finally the title here. In her first final she lost to Amanda Coetzer in two sets, last season she last agian here in the final against Jennifer Capriati, in a much closer final. Maybe this is the right time for Hingis to take the title here. Third time, the right time.

After two lost finals here, third time the right time?

Yes, you mean winning the whole thing? Haha is, often it's the third time the right time. I hope this time too. I've played always very good here, I like the tournament and the underground. Clay is not my favorite, but here I can always play my game very good.

What do you think of the draw?

I think this is the last time for a few weeks, I hope, that I'm seeded two haha. But I saw it just quickly. I have a bye in the first round and that's always nice and then I have to play the winner of Iroda Tulyaganova and Maria Sharapova I believe. That can be tough but I will do my best. Tomorrow I will start with the practise.

Last year, this tournament was a turnaround of a difficult rebound ace season for you, is this the same this year?

Last year I had a better rebound ace season than this year, but yes it's treu and I hope that it is the same this year. But the last two weaks my coach was away and I couldn't find my rhythm in some matches. But now everything goes better. Yesterday I've practised and I think it goes perfect.

Good luck this weak and thnx for the interview.

Thnx, you're welcome.

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Natasha Zvereva to debut at Moscow

Natasha Zvereva on the practice courts in Moscow

Belarussian Natasha Zvereva makes her tour debut this week at the Absolute Woman's Open in Moscow. "I would like to thank the organisers for giving me a wild card here" said Zvereva. In the opening round, Zvereva plays Jelena Dokic. "It will be a tough match I am sure, but I have been practicing hard and I am looking forward to it so much. I just hope the girls on the tour are kind to me"
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