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Justine's Poem aka I'm Not Juiced

I wonder how it got this far
The Williams sisters raised the bar
I had to do something to compete
To beat them is no easy feat.
I hit the gym, start lifting weights
Carlos & Pat made protein shakes
As God's my witness, I'd never use
Illegal drugs. I'd rather lose!

I guess I'm partially to blame
For tarnishing my once good name
Oh why did I ever raise my hand?
I remeber now. To rile the fans!
That incident I may regret
But it did help win the final set!

I covet Serena's fortune and fame
And Carlos tried to taint her name
By saying she used to bully me
So I made no apology!
I didn't lose any sleep that night
And Carlos said that I was right!

Then Kim and camp began to spout
About my injury timeouts
The Belgium politics are such
They often divide French and Dutch
They always prefered Kim to me
Cause we French are the minority

I may drink the shakes for an energy boost
But I swear that I'm not on the juice!
I guess I really didn't see
What the consequence of my actions would be
But I'd probably do it all again
If it would ensure a Grand Slam win!
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