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I wonder how they got the Monica-Arantxa photo from that angle? Most of the photographers were on the court in front of the players.

It's a cute photo though. One of the photographers asked Arantxa and Monica to do a candid pose together, and they just grabbed for each other almost instinctively. The picture is the final result.

Btw, Jan-Mike always looks like that after he loses. He especially takes team events very seriously. So losing his singles match after two match points must have been a killer. At last years ceremony, he didn't manage to crack a smile even once, even when everyone else was having a great, old laugh about something. And last year, the US weren't even in a winning position. I thought it was because he didn't like Martina or something. I mean, he had a falling out with her at the 1999 US Open. But it appears that he has "loosened up" somewhat for this years' ceremony, if you can call it that. It looks as though he knows he's going to get a clip across the ear from his dad for losing, because after he smiled for that photo, he went straight back to pulling the long, serious expression.
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