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A couple of ?'s from the new board member

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Hi to everyone, I am new to posting, not new to reading you guys post everyday for the last year. Some of you guys are like celebs to me, not to mention any names. I was wondering if the Conchita Martinez Grandos was the same Conchita that played in the winmbledon finals five or so years ago? The one I saw playing doubles against Martina was very diffrent looking. I thought maybe she had some work done. A little about myself, I am a very fit, very hott 28yr old white, but very tan, male, oh wait this is the wrong website, but really I love tennis, I love playing, I love watching and I love American tennis! Jennifer Capriati is my personal favorite with Serena second and then I root for Venus, Lindsey and Chanda when they are not playing JC or SW. Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi and Ginepri are my favs in the ATP. I like Mary Pierce and Kim Clisters. I am not a fan of Justine Henin-Hardenne, or Billy Jean King. I hope someone can asnswer the question about Conchita. Have a nice day.
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Just in case this is a serious question - this is different Conchita (younger, I think).
No CMG is a diffrent one, but dont wory I originally though conchi had gotten married :rolleyes:
Conchita Martínez ---> She's from Aragón.
Conchita Martínez Granados ----> Younger and she's from Barcelona, if I'm not mistaken.
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