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Qual Draw

1-Melanie Marois vs. Kaysie Smashey
Lucia Migliarini de Leon vs. WC Ali Van Horne
Vilmarie Castellvi vs. Olga Poutchkova
Whitney Jones vs. 6-Amber Liu

2-Diana Ospina vs. Jessica Fernandez
Kara Molony-Hussey vs. wc-Jamie Lieberman
Amanda Augustus vs. Varvara Lepchenko
Adria Engel vs. 7-Salome Devidze

3-Julie Ditty vs. Milangela Morales
Alexandra Podkolzina vs. Andrea Van den Hurk
wc-Maja Kovacek vs. Kelley Hyndman
Nicole Sewell vs. 5-Lisa McShea

4-Marta Domachowska vs. Allison Bradshaw
Stephanie Hazlett vs. wc-Raquel Kops-Jones
Lauren Kalvaria vs. Shikha Uberoi
Kim Grant vs. 8-Nicole Rencken

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Jessica against a seed? :rolleyes:
wow I can't believe that, a Mexican vs a seed. something I haven't seen in USTA events... PFFF

Diana vs Jessica again :fiery: stupid

Go Marta, Melanie, Amanda


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best of luck to:

*Melanie Marois :D
*Lucia Migliarini
*Diana Ospina
*Jessica Fernandez :D
*Amanda Augustus :D
*Varvara Lepchenko
*Lisa McShea
*Allison Bradshaw :D
*Stephanie Hazlett
*Lauren Kalvaria :D
*Kim Grant :D

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omg at Marta`s draw :fiery: :fiery: :fiery: :fiery:
Peachtree finalist in 1st round and then ewentually a player who defeated Marta in that event :mad: :mad:
good luck Marta :worship:

go Andrea and Melanie

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good luck to

WC Ali Van Horne ;)
Olga Puchkova ;) :D
Diana Ospina
Varvara Lepchenko :)
7-Salome Devidze :)

Alexandra Podkolzina ;) :)

4-Marta Domachowska
wc-Raquel Kops-Jones :)

nice draw :)

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Reflection said:
is Lucic directly in the main draw?
If she has shown up she will have needed a wild card into the main draw I think as Marois who is top seed in qualies is ranked #225 which is way above Mirjana's #324. She better be there.

Good luck in qualies to:

Lucia Migliarini de Leon
Rachel Kops Jones

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ehh....fuck this, piss on Lucic
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