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50k Mestre Rnd 1: Anna Karolina Schmiedlova (SVK) d. (1)Julia Cohen (USA) 60 63

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she was 8-0 down as well...
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Lol at Cohen trying so hard to vulture some points in low tier ITF and failing once again :happy:

I mean, she should stick to WTA circuit as she gets there way better results than in ITF :oh:

Julia in ITF in 2012:
Plantation 25 k. Lost in R1 to ranked 549.
Santa Fe 25 k. Lost in R2 to ranked 302.
Nassau 100 k. Lost in R1 to ranked 114.
Osprey 50 k. Lost in R2 to ranked 169.
Dothan & Charlottsville 50 k are the only success: SF in both, losing to Oudin and Gallovits
Indian Harbor 50 k. In R1 to 278.
Saint Gadens 50 k. In QF to 134.
Marseille 100 k. QF to 164.
Roma 25 k. R2 to 296.
Biella 100 k. R1 to Unranked :spit:
Bucharest 100 k. R1 to 127.
Mestre 50 k. Another R1 loss
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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