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$50,000 Ciudad Juarez : Draws + Results

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$50,000 Ciudad Juarez

... Singles Main Draw ...
[1]Candela Sanchez-Connelly vs. wc-Fabiola Perez-Carmano
wc-Samantha Soren vs. [8]Catriella Daniilidou
[6]Arantxa Danese vs. wc-Zerene Fernandez
Emilie Joubert vs. [3]Joanna Seles

[4]Nadia Banaszek vs. Angeles Rosario
Nika Beckham vs. [7]Anne-Laure Vandelion
[5]Julianna Lapentti vs. Hedviga Svetikova
Samantha Kraston vs. [2]Fleriancediore Hingisafrilia

... Doubles Main Draw ...
(1)Banaszek/Seles vs. BYE
(4)Vandelion/Beckham vs. Fernandez/Lapentti
(3)Sanchez-Connelly/Danese vs. Kraston/Svetikova
(2)Soren/Hingisafrilia vs. BYE
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Fernandez captures title in home country
El Universal

CIUDAD JUAREZ -- Junior player Zerene Fernandez of Mexico, who received a wildcard into the event, captured the $50k Ciudad Juarez Challenger today over 4th seed Nadia Banaszek 6-4 2-6 7-5.

The sparse fans who were in attendance cheered wildly as the young Mexican player captured her first professional event in her home country. Fernandez had become slightly popular in Mexico when she reached the semifinals of the doubles event in Wimbledon with Elke Vandecaetsbeek.

"This is amazing for me," said Fernandez. "It's amazing to come here, in my country, in front of my fans, a junior player against all these professionals, and still take the title. I'm very happy with how I've played this week, and I am delighted to capture my first singles title in Mexico. This could give my career a real boost."

Fernandez has also received a wildcard entry into the last two Mexican Challengers occuring in Mexico City, one of them being next week. Fernandez says that she's not tired, and ready to go for her second title in that event.

El Universal/Spitza Hernandez
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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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