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This is creative Patty against the same charismatic Maria. I have to admit even though it's straight sets it's the most exciting match I've scored, mostly because of the first set which really could've gone to anyone and both players' strengths and traits all came into play. Again nothing was decided by the coin toss and why did Maria win again? Well she got lucky, her charisma worked in both the first two sets. It didn't work in the final set, she might not have won if it got to the final set. It's great to see a match where everything worked for both players but a few differences decided the match. The second set was also closer than the score suggests.

Sharapova won the toss and elected to serve...

1st set, Sharapova serves...

Schnyder 1-0
Schnyder 2-0
Schnyder 2-1
Sharapova 3-2
Sharapova 4-3
Sharapova 5-4
Sharapova 6-5
Sharapova 7-5

Game and 1st set Sharapova 7-5


2nd set, Sharapova serves...

Schnyder 1-0
Sharapova 2-1
Sharapova 3-1
Sharapova 4-1
Sharapova 4-2
Sharapova 5-2
Sharapova 6-2

Game, set and match Sharapova 7-5 6-2!!!

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No one is picking "industrious" so far. So I created a player Justine Henin-Hardenne and made her industrious and pitched her against Sharapova with points and gameplan. Sharapova d. Henin-Hardenne 7-5 6-7 7-6 (I swear I wasn't cheating, LOL) so close.

But Henin got +5 bonus points.

It's the only oncourt trait that gives even if you lose a match. Henin would have access to those +5 points on her weapons for her next tournament.

Also, I'm thinking about tweaking the "industrious" trait to that you won't get bonus points added automatically onto the weapons. You will get bonus points instead and it's free for you to allocate them in whichever weapons you please. This will give industrious players a lot more freedom and involvement in their gameplans (which is the point as they're hardworking). But I'm also thinking about making the bonus points on a rolling period of like 10 weeks or so. In other words, Justine in the above situation will have access to those +5 points for the next 10 weeks after that she'll lose them. Partly because I have a problem with industrious players starting the year average and gets better and better as the season progresses only to find themselves back to square one at the beginning. It doesn't happen in real life.


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Just to elaborate. Say Justine has

T (7)
S (7)
V (7)
F (7)
B (7)
L (7)
R (7)

She can add +5 anywhere. Say B (7) +5 = B (12). That's fine but she must keep this for 10 weeks. After that it becomes B (7) again. Your base points never change like other players until the end of the season. Your free to put wherever you please but it will also come off there when the time comes. And like with the wonders, you weeks will be counted even if you don't play in them.

So please give industrious a go. I'm thinking about how long the weeks should last. Thinking 10 since that's how long the wonders will stay with players.
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