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Thanks for all those who responded. In the next post I will list the posters and the players they have chosen. Please read the rules and see if you're interested. Feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions - but please try and do this by PM as I don't want to this thread to become a forum for discussing about the changes. But please make suggestions as this is not a the be all and end all. Traits could be tweaked, concepts could be added or dropped. Thanks



There are 7 weapons in the game. You send gameplans each week based on 3 sets and 13 games per set.

Serve, Volley, Forehand, Backhand, Lob, Return and Tactics.

Serve & Volley defeats Forehand & Backhand
Forehand & Backhand defeats Lob & Return
Lob & Return defeats Serve & Volley
Tactics defeats all

Tactics can only be used 1 time per set.
All other weapons can only be used a maximum 6 times per set. You need to use all weapons in a set.

A sample set:

Set 1: T,R,L,B,F,V,S,S,V,F,B,L,R
Set 2: T,R,L,B,F,V,S,S,V,F,B,L,R
Set 3: S,S,S,S,S,R,S,V,R,B,L,R,T

If it's Serve vs Volley or Serve vs Serve, it will depend on point allocation for that weapon or traits. This applies to Forehand, Backhand, Lob and Return also.

Strengths & Weaknesses (points)

49 base points. You determine these points like in the example below at the beginning of a season and they remain the same throughout the season.

For example

Serve (10)
Volley (10)
Forehand (10)
Backhand (3)
Lob (3)
Return (3)
Tactics (10)

If player A has Serve (10) and player B has Volley (8) and they play these weapons in the same game, player A wins that game. This is a concept known as a "related weapon". The same applies to "same weapon" which is simply Serve vs Serve.

At the end of a season players will have the chance to change their points allocation by +3 or -3 at most in every weapon. So if you had:

S: 7
F: 7
B: 7
R: 7

It's possible to change to:

S: 10
F: 6
B: 6
R: 6

As long as the change is at most +3 or at least -3.

However, back tracking now you will see there is a concept called "traits".


I will explain the reasons for these bonuses later but if anyone wants to know just ask.

Financial (+50% prizemoney)
Organized (Can play in +25% more tournaments per season)
Philosophical (Does not suffer from "loss of confidence")
Spiritual (Eliminates chance of "injury" even if you don't send gameplans)

Charismatic (50% chance per set for +4 points increase in all weapons; 75% chance if playing in grand slams or tour championships. This is an automatic increase so I will add the points myself, you don't need to do anything.)
Aggressive (+7 points for Serve and +7 points for a weapon of your choice: Volley or Forehand or Backhand. You must indicate at the beginning of the season where these bonus points are going to go)
Creative (Will win the game if "same weapon" is selected regardless of what that players has in points; only against non-creative players)
Industrious (Each "related weapon" game won with a clear difference - 1 or more - in points will result in a +1 point increase for that weapon for that season. After you've received these bonus points you will be notified each week so you can make adjustments to your gameplans)


"loss of confidence" - if a non-philosophical player goes home without a match win, in her next tournament she will not have access to the T weapon. This means you send your gameplan next week without any T but other rules still apply like maximum of 6 for any weapon in a set and the need to use every weapon at least once in a set.
"injury" - players have a 20% chance of injury each tournament and if afflicted, her next tournament she will allocated randomly 1 "blank" per set by me. This means you send your normal gameplan but you don't know when your injury will strike, it could be any game in the set. This risk goes up 20% each time you don't change your gameplan. When you get to 100% you don't play the next week. And won't play until a new gameplan is sent. You're allowed to keep the same gameplan, you'll just have to notify me so you don't incur an injury risk.
"blank" - for that game you lose regardless of what your opponent has. Unless your opponent also has a "blank" for that game.
"traits" - these are fixed and a player has one off-court and one on-court trait for their entire career. They give unique bonuses which are recurring but not cumulative. So for instance, extra points only apply for same season.
"prizemoney" - you get prizemoney and this is a factor in the game because you can purchase most valuable weapons called "wonders of the game". Once a "wonder" is bought that player owns it until another player makes a bid for it. In which case, the owner can counterbid. Or others can join in. A bidding war is announced which lasts for a week and then the new owner is announced.
"bid" - bids are for "wonders of the game" and you must bid a minimum of $1 per bid. Be careful though if you bid $1000 and if the other player bids $1100, they win and you will still lose your $1000. You can only bid with money you have from your prizemoney. When a player has bought a wonder (whether it is an initial purchase or through a bid) they are entitled to hold that wonder for 10 weeks in the season (if you don't play in some of those weeks it still counts as part of the 10 so schedule carefully). Only in the 11th week can other people start bidding for it. The Evert tactics wonder will be priced the same but the player who bought it will hold for 20 weeks because it's the hardest weapon to develop. Also, these weeks carry over to the next season.
"wonders of the game" - there are seven: Schultz-McCarthy Serve; Navratilova Volley; Graf Forehand; Sabatini Backhand; Sanchez-Vicario Lob; Seles Return and Evert Tactics. The initial price for them will start at $TBA. Once a player owns a wonder she will be invincible in that weapon and the "related weapon" even against creative players. For instance, a player with Schultz-McCarthy Serve will beat all players with Serve and also Volley but not necessarily Navratilova volley. A player with Evert Tactics will beat everything but you can only use this once per set.
"related weapon" - there are 3 related groups of weapons in the game. Offensive group is Serve & Volley, Neutral group is Forehand & Backhand, Defensive group is Lob and Return. When two players can two shots from the same "related group" in a game the winner will be determined by points allocation or other factors.
"same weapon" - this is simply when two players play the same shot in a game. For example, Tactics vs Tactics.
"endorsements" - another way you can earn prizemoney is by writing articles. Submit an article about your player in the official tournament thread and you will get endorsement $ per word. But remember it must be about your tennis player although the stories can be as crazy as you want. The idea is that articles = media attention = endorsement interests = $

There's a coin toss at the beginning of each match. Whoever comes first alphabetically is elected "heads" and the other one "tails". The winner always serves first.

If everything is equal:

Serve vs Serve - Server wins
Volley vs Volley - Server wins
Forehand vs Forehand - Server wins
Backhand vs Backhand - Server wins
Return vs Return - Returner wins
Lob vs Lob - Returner wins
Tactics vs Tactics - Returner wins
Blank vs Blank - Returner wins


25 tournaments:

4 grand slams
1 tour championships
10 tier I
10 tier II

Organized players can play the full 25 tournament season. Non-organized players can only play in the 4 slams, tour championships and any 15 of the 20 tier I or tier II events. Of course you can miss the slams or the tour championships if you want. In this game, all players qualify for the tour championships so there's no race.

Sydney (II)
Australian Open (GS)
Tokyo Pan Pacific (I)
Gaz de France (II)
Proximus Diamond Games (II)
Indian Wells (I)
Miami (I)
Amelia Island (II)
Warsaw (II)
Charleston (I)
Berlin (I)
Rome (I)
French Open (GS)
Eastbourne (II)
Wimbledon (GS)
Stanford (II)
San Diego (I)
Los Angeles (II)
Canadian Open (I)
US Open (GS)
China Open (II)
Filderstadt (II)
Kremlin Cup (I)
Zurich (I)
Tour Championships

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Taken players and those who helped with suggestions:

Ms Tracy Austin - Lindsay Davenport
Andy - Anna Chakvetadze
Sonic the Hedgehog - Patty Schnyder
stevos - Maria Sharapova
gocanadago - ???
MaretBellyButton - Serena Williams
MightyMashaFan - ???
kar16d - Venus Williams

If these players or anyone else want I will hold a round robin exhibition to see how the game will work and if everything is pracitical. In fact, I insist on an exhibition to see if it can work before we officially start.

Please sign up below. :)

Again thanks to the 7 volunteers who volunteered on varying capacities. ;)

Also, quickly I just wanted to say a special thanks to Ms Tracy Austin because a large part of the game is similar to hers and her unique Unique Tennis Tour inspired this game in some ways. :)

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A few other things...

- There's no doubles in this game. It just won't work.
- The original 7 who saw the original rules, please read through these again because they have been changed.
- I'm thinking about having non-organized players sign up for the entire season at the beginning of the season. But you can withdraw or commit to and from tournaments before the draw comes out. Once it's out it's fixed.
- I don't want to have qualifying rounds. I'll have to see how many players want to play but at this stage we might be looking at BYES. I'll see how this goes.
- I'll still need to determine prizemoney and ranking points. Prizemoney is particularly a big issue because of the wonders. Also the initial price of the wonders. I'll get back to you guys with this. Ranking points I'm thinking about using the WTA points.
- A name for the tour. Any ideas? LOL!

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Williams is getting ready for the tour!
Melbourne,Serena Williams, who recently announced that she'll play a new tennis tour this season, was pictured in Melbourne,during her training.
"Well,you know,I need to get ready for the tour and the other girls.I don't want to go out and lose.I want to WIN,you know.I want to be real competitor I don't play just for fun.You know,it's still a bit early to start with training but you can't start too early if you want to be a winner."

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I want Nicole Vaidisova is it okay?

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I can organise an exhibition right now. Just send me your information. Below is what I need from you. For now. Just send any traits and any points and any gameplan.

Because this is only a tournament we won't use any off-court traits.

So send your player with:

On-court trait: (industrious; creative; charismatic or aggressive)
Points: (make sure you add the +7 on serve and +7 on serve or forehand or backhand)
Gameplan: Use S,F,B,V,R,L,T like in the sample above.

Good luck.

Because there aren't too many players, we'll have a round robin tournament and that way industrious players can see their trait working by having points added after each match.

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Sam L said:
BTW... I'm going to reveal the players' trait, points and gameplan for this tournament. And also how the matches are scored and played. Just so everyone can know.

Obviously you can change the traits and points when the real tour starts. :)
Lindsay Davenport withdraws from the exhitbiton then, I do not want my strategy revealed... sorry.

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