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I was in Warsaw from Monday to Wednesday. Quite a strange experience, Poland is still so different to what I know in Germany. The worst thing at the tourney were the security restrictions, which made you walk some miles, to get to another court and included a new security/bag check every time.

Im editing my pics now, will post them throughout the whole day, hope you enjoy them a bit and if you want bigger sizes, just ask me with a pm!

There are too much pictures for a thread like this, will pack them in html-pages:

Part 1 (Hingis, Kirilenko, Malek, Tu, Perebiynis, U. Radwanska, Chakvetadze):

Part 2 (Chakvetadze, Malek, U. Radwanska):

Part 3 (Ivanovic, Malek, practice courts):

Part 4 (Schiavone, Laine, Vakulenko, Gagliardi):

You can see also a file list of uploaded pics at:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts