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Qualifying Draw

(1) BARR, Cassandra (AUS) vs SHARMA, Neena (IND)
KUMAR, Rati (IND) vs (14) CHHEDA, Krushmi (IND)
VAZIRANI, Deepna (IND) vs (15) KRISHNAMURTHY, Kavitha (CAN)
(3) ISRAILOVA, Ivanna (UZB) vs CHAKRABARTY, Deepanwita (IND)
RAJUR, Anupama (IND) vs (9) LAM, Po-Kuen (HKG)
(4) VENKATARAMAN, Archana (IND) vs RAJUR, Chirashanthi (IND)
MEHTA, Kanisha (IND) vs (12) PATEL, Karishma (IND)
(5) LUANGNAM, Nudnida (THA) vs RAM Oormila (IND)
SHARMA, Pallavi (IND) vs (13) INOUE Mari (JPN)
(6) MANOHAR, Geeta (IND) vs RAGHUNATH, Amoolya (IND)
MALOO, Parija (IND) vs (11) DZIEDZIC, Julia (AUS)
(7) PHADKE Sonal (IND) vs SHRAVAN, Preethi (IND)
SANDRI, Gangothri (IND) vs (10) IYER, Tara (IND)
(8) DHAWAN, Shruti (IND) vs PARTHASARATHY, Bharathy (IND)
PHADKE, Sagarika (IND) vs (16) GOUTHAM, Sheethal (IND)

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good luck Kavitha, Ivanna, and Sonal :)

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Go Cassandra Barr and Kavitha Krishnamurthy

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Yay! Extra matchplay for Cassandra Barr before the MD :bounce: (she needed it judging by her efforts in the $10k Mumbai event), Julia Dziedzic - well done in qualifying last week, do it again this week & win your MD 1r!! :D
Adriana Szili if you end up playing - good luck :D

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ndian wild cards fail to progress
Mumbai, April 9 (PTI): All six wild card entrants from India were knocked out in the first qualifying round, four of them losing to higher ranked compatriots, in the $ 25,000 MSLTA ITF Women's Tennis tournament here today.

Australia's Cassandra Barr, with an WTA ranking of 601 which has placed herself as the top seed in the qualifiers, trounced home country wild card Neena Sharma 6-0, 6-1 to enter the second qualifying round.

Canada's Kavitha Krishnamurthy, the Indian-origin player seeded 15th, ousted wild card Deepna Vazirani 6-0, 6-0.

Sixth seed Geeta Manohar, 7th seed Sonal Phadke, 8th seed Shruti Dhawan and 12th seed Karishma Patel - all from India - accounted for the other four host country's wild cards.

The other four wild cards who were also sidelined were Amoolya Raghunath, Preeth Sharavan, Bharathy Parthasarathy and Kanish Mehta.

The best show of the day, though it did not earn her a victory, was put up by Deepanwita Chakrabarty who gave a tough time to third seed Ivanna Israilova, with a world ranking of 624, before losing 1-6, 6-4, 2-6.

All other seeded players in the qualifying draw made it to the second and final qualifying round, to be held tomorrow, to decide who goes into the main draw which is set to begin on Monday.

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Thanks Jayakris!!!!!!!!!!

Main Draw :

Round 1:

1 Nina Bratchikova (RUS) vs Petra Cetkovska (CZE)
Sai Jayalakshmy (IND) vs Punam Reddy (IND)
Francesca Lubiani (ITA) vs Q Archana Venkatraman (IND)
8 Su-Wei Hsieh (TPE) vs Q Shruti Dhawan (IND)
3 Napaporn Tongsalee (THA) vs Q Nudnida Luangnam (THA)
Natsumi Hamamura (JPN) vs Q Ivanna Israilova (UZB)
Adriana Szili (AUS) vs W Megha Vakharia (IND)
6 Rushmi Chakravarthi (IND) vs W Isha Lakhani (IND)
5 Lauren Breadmore (AUS) vs Q Geeta Manohar (IND)
Thassha Vitayaviroj (THA) vs Wilawan Choptang (THA)
Andrea Hlavackova (CZE) vs Q Cassandra Barr (AUS)
4 Montinee Tangphong (THA) vs Renata Kucerkova (CZE)
7 Julia Vorobieva (RUS) vs Q Tara Iyer (IND)
Kristina Czafikova (SVK) vs Yurika Sema (JPN)
Q Mihaela Buzarnescu (ROM) vs W Sanaa Bhambri (IND)
2 Chin-Wei Chan (TPE) vs Ankita Bhambri (IND)

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Doubles Round 1:

1 N.Bratchikova/ F.Lubiani vs S.Bhambri/ M.Buzarnescu
N.Hamamura/ Y.Sema vs Q Qualifier/ Qualifier
3 C-W.Chan/ J.Vorobieva vs M.Tangphong/ T.Vitayaviroj
W S.Goutham/ Son.Phadke vs Q Qualifier/ Qualifier
W K.Patel/ Sag.Phadke vs W K.Chheda/ K.Krishnamurthy
4 R.Chakravarthi/ Sai.J.J. vs K.Czafikova/ R.Kucerkova
W.Choptang/ S.Dhawan vs L.Breadmore/ M.Inoue
2 P.cetkovska/ A.Hlavackova vs I.Israilova/ N.Tongsalee

<HR width="100%">Qualifying Rounds

Qualifying Round 1:

1 Cassandra Barr (AUS) d. WC Neena Sharma (IND) 60 61
14 Krushmi Chheda (IND) d. Rati Kumar (IND) 61 63
2 Mihaela Buzarnescu (ROM) d. Asha Nandakumar (IND) 61 61
15 Kavitha Krishnamurthy (CAN) d. WC Deepna Vazirani (IND) 60 60
3 Ivanna Israilova (UZB) d. Deepanwita Chakrabarty(IND) 61 46 62
9 Po-Kuen Lam (HKG) d. Anupama Rajur (IND) 60 63
4 Archana Venkatraman (IND) d. Chirashanthi Rajur (IND) 62 62
12 Karishma Patel (IND) d. WC Kanisha Mehta (IND) 62 62
5 Nudnida Luangnam (THA) d. Oormila Ram (IND) 61 61
13 Mari Inoue (JPN) d. Pallavi Sharma (IND) 60 60
6 Geeta Manohar (IND) d. WC Amoolya Raghunath (IND) 61 61
11 Julia Dziedzic (AUS) d. Parija Maloo (IND) 60 63
7 Sonal Phadke (IND) d. WC Preethi Shravan (IND) 61 61
10 Tara Iyer (IND) d. Sandri Gangothri (IND) 60 60
8 Shruti Dhawan (IND) d. WC Bharathy Parthasarathy(IND) 61 60
16 Sheethal Goutham (IND) d. Sagarika Phadke (IND) 75 62

Qualifying Round 2:

1 Cassandra Barr (AUS) d. 14 Krushmi Chheda (IND) 60 64
2 Mihaela Buzarnescu (ROM) d. 15 Kavitha Krishnamurthy (CAN) 62 61
3 Ivanna Israilova (UZB) d. 9 P-Kuen Lam (HKG) 46 61 61
4 Archana Venkatraman (IND) d. 12 Karishma Patel (IND) 61 64
5 Nudnida Luangnam (THA) d. 13 Mari Inoue (JPN) 62 46 76(6)
6 Geeta Manohar (IND) d. 11 Julia Dziedzic (AUS) 57 64 62
10 Tara Iyer (IND) d. 7 Sonal Phadke (IND) 75 61
8 Shruti Dhawan (IND) d. 16 Sheethal Goutham (IND) 76(7) 60


Doubles Qualifying Round 1:

1 N.Luangnam/ G.Manohar BYE
3 T.Iyer/ P.Reddy d. J.Dziedzic/ O.Ram 41 40
2 P-K.Lam/ A.Venkatraman BYE
A.Nandakumar/ S.Gangothri d. K.Mehta/ N.Sharma 41 53

Doubles Qualifying Final: (2 teams to main draw)

1 N.Luangnam/ G.Manohar vs 3 T.Iyer/ P.Reddy Monday
2 P-K.Lam/ A.Venkatraman vs A.Nandakumar/ S.Gangothri Monday

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aww poor polly lam po kuen, unlucky in singles, but hope you get a good run in doubles :D good luck!

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Thanks Jay

Doubles Qualifying Final: (2 teams to main draw)

1 N.Luangnam/ G.Manohar d. 3 T.Iyer/ P.Reddy 35 41 40
2 P-K.Lam/ A.Venkatraman d. A.Nandakumar/ S.Gangothri 14 40 53

Doubles Round 1:

1 N.Bratchikova/ F.Lubiani d. S.Bhambri/ M.Buzarnescu 64 62
N.Hamamura/ Y.Sema d. Q P-K.Lam/ A.Venkatraman 61 75
3 C-W.Chan/ J.Vorobieva d. M.Tangphong/ T.Vitayaviroj 60 75
W S.Goutham/ Son.Phadke d. Q N.Luangnam/ G.Manohar 64 63
W K.Chheda/ K.Krishnamurthy d. W K.Patel/ Sag.Phadke 63 61
4 R.Chakravarthi/ Sai.J.J. d. K.Czafikova/ R.Kucerkova 62 46 62
W.Choptang/ S.Dhawan d. L.Breadmore/ M.Inoue 63 64
2 P.cetkovska/ A.Hlavackova d. I.Israilova/ N.Tongsalee 63 63

Breadmore/Inoue :sad:

Dziedzic :bigcry:
Barr :bounce:

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good luck to:

Nina Bratchikova :bounce: :bounce: :)
Ivanna Israilova :rocker: :rocker: :rocker:
Adriana Szili :)
Andrea Hlavackova :worship: :worship: :worship:
Julia Vorobieva :rocker2: :rocker2:

Vorobieva/Chan :yeah:
petra/andrea :D
Nina/Lubiani :woohoo:
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