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Quali Draw

Laura Siegemund
d. (1) Sophie Ferguson
60 76
Dragana Zaric
d. (10) Astrid Waernes
75 62
(2) Petra Rampre
d. Anne-Laure Heitz
61 64
(14) Maria Wolfbrandt
d. Corina Perkovic
64 63
Olena Antypina
d. (3) Seda Noorlander
57 60 64
(11) Akgul Amanmuradova
d. Maria Arkhipova
63 62
(4) Lucie Hradecka
d. Lisa Haegele
76 62
Stefanie Weis
d. (15) Oana-Elena Golimbioschi
64 63
(5) Sabine Klaschka
d. Michaela Vogel
61 60
Andrea Hlavackova
d. (16) Gaelle Widmer
67 62 62
(6) Michelle Gerards
d. Katarina Misic
62 60
(13) Magda Mihalache
d. Nina Henke
36 62 75
(7) Chanelle Scheepers
d. Florence Haring
63 46 64
Marielle Hoogland
d. (12) Bianka Lamade
62 61
Mireille Dittmann
d. (8) Sophie Lefevre
64 64
(9) Tessy van de Ven
d. Nicole Rencken
75 61

Quali Finals
Dragana Zaric
d. Laura Siegemund
63 57 62
(14) Maria Wolfbrandt
d. (2) Petra Rampre
62 63
Olena Antypina
d. (11) Akgul Amanmuradova
76 63
(4) Lucie Hradecka
d. Stefanie Weis
61 76
(5) Sabine Klaschka
d. Andrea Hlavackova
63 60
(13) Magda Mihalache
d. (6) Michelle Gerards
57 62 ret
Marielle Hoogland
d. (7) Chanelle Scheepers
63 62
Mireille Dittmann
d. (9) Tessy van de Ven
57 61 61

Main Draw
(1) Elise Tamaela
vs Kildine Chevalier

Olena Antypina
vs Frederica Piedade

Martina Mueller
vs Andrea Petkovic

(7) Ana Timotic
vs Sabine Klaschka

(4) Nathalie Vierin
vs Lucie Hradecka

Antonela Voina
vs Magda Mihalache

Nina Duebbers
vs Carmen Klaschka

(6) Olga Blahotova
vs Angelika Roesch

(8) Vanessa Henke
vs Asa Svensson

Nina Bratchikova
vs Valentina Sassi

Anjouska van Exel
vs Erica Krauth

(3) Zuzana Kucova
vs Maria Kondratieva

(5) Stanislava Hrozenska
vs Marielle Hoogland

Mireille Dittmann
vs Dragana Zaric

Jana Hlavackova
vs Maria Wolfbrandt

(2) Mariya Koryttseva
vs Viktoriya Azarenka

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Good Luck Aussies !!

creo en la diosa ♥ Sveta ♥
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Best of luck to:
Stephanie Gehrlein
Martina Müller
Erica Krauth
Astrid Waernes
Florence Haring

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Good luck Erica...I hope you get out of this slump, or you'll have travelled all the way to Europe just for losing 4 matches in a row :eek:.

Genie Bouchard of TF
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i wrote a email to the Tournament-office
and guess what?
just 10 minutes later i get answer with Draw and OOP as PDF :eek:

here is the Qualifiyng DRAW:

Ferguson(1) vs. Siegemund(WC)
Zaric vs. Waernes(10)

Rampre(2) vs. Heitz
Perkovic(ALT) vs. Wolfbrandt(14)

Noorlander(14) vs. Antypina
Arkhipova vs. Amanmuradov(11)

Hradecka(4) vs. Haegele(WC)
Weis vs. Golimboschi

Klaschka S.(5/WC) vs. Vogel(WC)
Hlavackova vs. Widmer(16)

Gerards(6) vs. Misic
Henkel(WC) vs. Mihalache(13)

Scheepers(7) vs. Haring
Hoogland vs. Lamade(12)

Lefevre(8) vs. Dittmann
Rancken vs. Van de Ven(9)

Last Direct Accetance was #573
top seed is #298

Genie Bouchard of TF
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all matches will start at 1pm CET

the matches are played on 6 courts

Center Court
Ferguson vs. Siegemund
Hoogland vs. Lamade
Klaschka vs. Vogel

Court 3
Lefevre vs. Dittmann
Rampre vs. Heitz
Hlavackova vs. Widmer

Court 4
Zaric vs. Waernes
Scheepers vs. Haring

Court 5
Henkel vs. Mihalache
Perkovic vs. Wolfbrandt
Weis vs. Golimboschi

Court 6
Gerards vs. Misic
Noorlander vs. Antypina
Hradecka vs. Haegele

Court 7
Rencken vs. van den Ven
Arkhipova vs. Amanmuradova

the website will be update tomorrow

but just in german language

Genie Bouchard of TF
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here a map from the venue

orange = the 12 courts with the numbers
lightblue = 2 indoor courts
there are no matches on court #2
so i think they have build bleachers there, for watching the matches on CenterCourt(1) and Court 3

Team WTAworld, Senior Member
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Good luck to

Florence Haring ;) :)
Dragana Zaric
Akgul Amanmuradova
Michelle Gerards
Marielle Hoogland

Moderator - Juniors
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best of luck to:

*Astrid Waernes
*Katarina Misic
*Dragana Zaric
*Chanelle Scheepers
*Michelle Gerards
*Sophie Lefevre

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Marielle Hoogland: Glad to see you playing again, but Bianka is really good ;)
Seda Noorlander: You should beat that girl all she does is moon ball :) :) :)
Michelle Gerrards: katarina Misic is too old now, and you ahve been playing great so i cant see you loseing to her :wavey:
Tessy Van De Van: Just move her around and you will win :kiss: :wavey:
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