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2019 FITD Rankings Thread

The 52-week rolling ranking for 2019 will be posted in here. Your best result of each week will be added to your ranking. Each week the new event will be added, and 2018's will be dropped. This may vary based on if the weeks of each tournament are slightly off compared to last year.

FITD uses the 'Best of 18 Tournament Rule', which is made up of the following events:

  • Australian Open
  • Indian Wells
  • Miami
  • Madrid
  • Roland Garros
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Beijing
  • ...and 10 additional events

The 'Best of 18 Tournament Rule' means that your "18th" tournament is used as a cut-off so you have to score better than this tournament in order to improve your rank. The "19th" tournament is there to let you know how many points you can recover in case you cannot defend your "N Off" - next off - points (unless it's a mandatory event).

Other Important Information:

If one or more players have the same number of total points then the rank order is determined in the following fashion. Players will stay tied and be given equal rank if the above criteria cannot differentiate.:

  • Most number of points earned in Mandatory events
  • Most number of points earned in Singapore or Zhuhai

Username Changes:
If you change your username, please post your change here. This is very important because I do not check the name change threads and I cannot update your ranking if I don't know who you are.

125k Events:
In 2018, FITD introduced WTA 125k Events. These events were previously ignored, but this year we will continue to include them in the rankings. If these events are in the same weeks as a two-week mandatory event, I will force the mandatory event (any of the four slams or Indian Wells) to be in the first week and the 125k events will be added to a separate week. You can view the ranking points for these events here. There is also a new sub-forum within the FITD sub-forum, which can be found here. Any of the 125ks, played after Singapore count towards the race for 2019.
1 - 20 of 65 Posts
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