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1. Venus Williams will play the 2003 US Open.

2. Nor Kim or Justine will lose before the quarterfinals.

3. 4 Russians will be playing the quarterfinals, and 2 of them will be present in the semis.

4. The top seed who will lose the earliest among these will be Chanda.

5. 1 players who are neither American, nor Belgian nor Russian will make it to the quarter-finals.

6. 0 Americans will make it to the semis.

7. Marissa Irvin :rolleyes: is the unseeded player who will be the surprise of the tournament and advance the furthest among the lower ranked players.

8. Bepa Zvonareba will be the best Russian player in this tournament.

9. Irvin will be the lowest ranking playing the semi-finals.

10. The finals will be played between Justine and Lindsay in 3 sets.
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