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2002 WGTA World Cup

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2002 World Cup
in Amsterdam,Holland

Welcome to the 2002 World Cup in Amsterdam! We know you will have a spectacular time here. This format will be East .v. West.

Captain: Kimiko Date
Maria Sharapova Maria Kirilenko
Jelena Dokic Anna Smashnova
Monica Seles Kimiko Date
Captain: Gabriela Sabatini
Lindsay Davenport Daniela Hantuchova
Ainhoa Goni Angeles Montolio
Martina Hingis Gabriela Sabatini

The captains have been named by me of whos online the most on my Messenger service. For the East Team the captain is Kimiko Date and for the west it's Gabriela Sabatini. The captains will choose when the players will play!

This is almost like Fed Cup play! The captains will choose who will play what match. There will be 10 singles matches this week. and 5 doubles matches.



2 singles matches
1 doubles match

3 singles matches
1 doubles match

2 singles matches
1 doubles match

2 singles matches
1 doubles match

1 singles match
1 doubles match

Players must send their points to their captains!
The captain must send me the points, and the schedule of when the player will play. If a player or some of the players dont send their points I will use their past ones and send them to the captain.

Points Monday 5pm (New York Time)
Points are to be out of 100

I hope this will be great for everyone!
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First I will like to know each person ranking, I will check that and come back later :)
A private message has been sent to both captains.

They have to make a schedule, and we have to know who we're playing against before points can be sent.
i will post the schedule after both of the captains have sent me them .
Is not Montolio REtired Steven????
this is her last tournament
another tournament Iroda saw no sign up for and wasn't included :(
how do we know what points to send if we dont know who we're playing? :confused:
im awaiting the schedules (ive asked for the schedule first in the pms to the captains) ive got one


Singles 1 Davenport.v.Date
Singles 2 Hingis.v.Kirilenko

Doubles Goni/Montolio.v.Dokic/Seles

Singles 1 Sabatini.v.Smashnova
Singles 2 Hantuchova.v.Seles
Singles 3 Montolio.v.Dokic

Doubles Goni/Davenport.v.Sharapova/Kirilenko

Singles 1 Goni.v.Kirilenko
Singles 2 Sabatini.v.Date

Doubles Hingis/Davenport.v.Sharapova/Dokic

Singles 1 Hantuchova.v.Dokic
Singles 2 Hingis.v.Seles

Doubles Montolio/Sabatini.v.Sharapova/Date

Singles 1 Hingis.v.Smashnova

Doubles Goni/Hantuchova.v. Kirilenko/Seles​
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Hingis VS Seles.

Monica looks forward to that! :D
Anna S:sad: You deserve to play more then two matches, but good luck in both of them:D

Hingis' points will be sent in now.
Anna S

sorry it is not intentional, forgive me, :sad:
wongqks said:
Anna S

sorry it is not intentional, forgive me, :sad:
Yes i agree with Wongks, the schedule was not easy at all, pretty much since the schedule is not consistent over the days, so makes it tougher, i was like one hour to do it, trying to make it as fair as possible.
thanks peto :)

I am sorry Mikey, I was looking for balancing out a lot and I missed you out, plus the fact I have no ranking at hand then, so so sorry, :sad:
lol - sorry, i was kind of in a bitter mood and then seeing that kinda pushed me over the top :eek:

don't worry about it, i really, i swear - im actually embarrassed that i wrote that :eek:

goooooooooooo East, let's kick some Western....
deleted ;)
haha Mikey, I know you are not the bitter kind of person, but I also want to make sure you understand the issue :), which I know you will, thanks so much, I am sure East will do fine ;)

2002 World Cup

Date def. Davenport 7-5 7-5
Hingis def. Kirilenko 0-6 6-3 6-2
Goni/Montolio def.Dokic/Seles 7-5 4-6 7-5

2-1 WEST
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