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2002 WGTA Frosty the Snowman Championship

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The Frosty the Snowman Exibition Championship
in Grindelwald,Switzerland

Willkommen zu Grindelwald! We are so happy for all of you to be visiting us this week. The holidays are coming and it's time to get that last stop shopping done! This Exibition Tournament is worth $175,000 to the winner! Our tournament is dedicated to you the players and the fans! The name is to Frosty the Snowman. One of the famous characters all over the world.

This is the final exibition tournament and the field looks fantastic as it was opened not to long ago! We have names like Gabriela Sabatini,Kimiko Date and Anna Smashnova. There are the newcomers like Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams and everyone else! We hope you have a great time here in Grindelwald and have a fantastic week!

Jennifer Embry BYE
Kim Clijsters .v. Venus Williams
Main Draw
Kimiko Date .v. Monica Seles
Martina Hingis .v. Qualifier
Anna Smashnova .v. Gabriela Sabatini
Daniela Hantuchova .v. Iroda Tulyaganova

M.Hingis/K.Clijsters .v. M.Seles/K.Date
A.Smashnova/D.Hantuchova .v. G.Sabatini/V.Williams

Smashnova/Kuerten .v. Sabatini/Rios
Williams/Roddick .v. Tulyaganova/Ogorodov
Hingis/Federer .v. Hantuchova/Courier
Clijsters/Hewitt .v. Seles/Safin

The Singles draw format is different from others! the 6 first round losers will play a Consolation Draw! The winner of the draw will play the final against the winner of the FIRST draw. If you do not understand it will all shapen up as we go along!
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Sabatini reachs Singles FInal...... The mixed streak Ended :eek: ;) Welldone everybody who played today :)
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Frosty the Snowman Exibition Championship

Main Draw
Gabriela Sabatini def. Martina Hingis 7-6(1) 6-2

Consolation Draw
Semi Finals
Daniela Hantuchova def. Kim Clijsters 6-2 2-6 7-6(4)
Anna Smashnova def. Venus Williams 6-2 1-6 7-6(5)

Semi Final
Sabatini/Williams def. Smashnova/Hantuchova 7-5 6-4
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todays pictures

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Frosty the Snowman Exibition Championship

Consolation Draw
Anna Smashnova def. Daniela Hantuchova 7-5 7-5

Hantuchova/Courier def. Tulyaganova/Ogorodov 6-4 7-6(0)

Seles/Date def. Sabatini/Williams 4-6 7-5 7-5
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Congrats to the winners!! frosty images that pop up :)

Frosty the Snowman Exibition Championship

Grand Finale

Gabriela Sabatini def. Anna Smashnova

Schnyder .v. Dokic

Jelena Dokic def. Patty Schnyder

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2002 Frosty the Snowman Championship
Womens Singles Champion
Gabriela Sabatini

Q1:How do you feel after winning two straight weeks against tough conditions outside and tough opponents inside?
Well i feel pretty excited, i think the matches have been extremly tough, i think, the most important thing is that i´m feeling so happy on the court, feel like im enjoyng tennis more than ever.

Q2: How do you feel going into the new season of 2003? What are your goals?
For sure try to play the best that i can, and you know try to win a "real" event, hopefully i can use this good weeks of practice and you know try to set my goals for the bigger events for sure.

Q3: Are you satisfied with your exibition season? And your 2002 season all around?
Yes for sure, my first year playing in this tour, it has been pretty exciting, the singles, the doubles, the mixed doubles, i mean it has been a pretty complete tour, i like it and im proud of my year overall

Q4: What do you think of WGTA? What does it need?Are you proud to be a member?
Well as i just said, for sure its a great tour, pretty compact and complete, i would like to thank the runners, the oficials and everybody who makes this tour get going

Q5: What went wrong in the doubles final with Venus Williams losing to Seles/Date?
Well they got pretty much revenge of last week, i think they are a great team, they are tough, and you know, i don´t think there was anything wrong or something, i think they were the better ones this week, and that will make is be, you know, better prepared for the next events.

Q6: Where do you see yourself next year in tennis?
Well more than anything to be enjoining tennis, and competing on the tennis court, that is really my goal for next year, if that´s ok i think i can get good results, hopefully, for sure, lot of training and practicing and all of that stuff. Next year will be pretty interesting, i see many players coming on Anna, Date, Hingis,Venus, Seles, Magdalena, i mean lot of great players and that what makes it pretty interesting

Thank You Gabriela!

No problem!
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2002 Frosty the Snowman Championship
Mixed Doubles Champions
Daniela Hantuchova/Jim Courier


Q1:Congratulations! Were you confident all week, or were there weak moments in your mental game?

A1: Daniela: We were pretty confident all week long, but since this is only our 2nd tournament together we are still getting used to playing with each other.

Q2: Do you two have a good relationship on AND off court?

A2: Daniela: Yeah, I needed someone to help me get out of my slump, and training with Jim has really helped. We are good friends off the court as well.
Jim: Since I retired from singles competition, all I really have to focus on now is being Daniela's coach. To that end we have developed a good friendship.

Q3:Will you be playing togehter next season when there will be mixed competitions?

A3: Jim: Yeah, we will be pairing up for all of next year's mixed competitions.

Q4: Why did you two decide to pair up?

A4: Daniela: When I asked Jim to be my coach, I guess I got his competetive juices flowing again, because when the mixed season started he was the one who brought up the idea of playing together.
Jim: Daniela is right, my competetive juices did start flowing again. When I work with her she is just so energetic towards the game that it helped to get my passion for the game back. To that end I decided that returning to some form of competetive tennis would be best, so why not play with Daniela.

Q5: How has your year gone?

A5: Daniela: It started out really well, winning the Indonesian International in both singles and in doubles with Anna Smashnova. I was even ranked #1 in the world for a couple of weeks. Then for some reason I got into a slump where it was really hard to win. I just think I was playing too reserved and not going for enough, but with the addition of Jim I think my game has become more well rounded and I'm looking forward to a good year in singles in 2003, and finally claiming #1 in doubles with Anna.

Q6: How will you spend your vacation!?

A6: Daniela: Just resting at home. After the long season my body needs a break from tennis for a while. So other than studying some tapes, no tennis for a little bit.
Jim: I'll be training actually, I think I can get into better shape for any upcoming mixed tournaments with Daniela, and I hope to use this time to do so.
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2002 Frosty the Snowman Championship
Womens Doubles Champions
Monica Seles/Kimiko Date


Q1:Congratulations on your win! How do you think you played throughout the whole tournament? What was your plan?

A1: Thank you very much. My play was quite patchy. I would play great in some matches and very sloppy in others. I was very lucky that Kimiko was my partner, who is so experienced and such a brilliant player, that she always pulled us through. My plan was just to take it one match at a time and to have a great time with Kimiko. She is such a wonderful person and we get along great.

Q2o you think the Seles/Date is a huge threat for the next season?

A2: I think we've put up some pretty good results and even though these are just exhibitions, everyone is trying just as hard. Kimiko is already such a great player, that for us to become a huge threat for next season, would mean that I would have to improve.

Q3:Were you expecting this win? Were you confident in the final that you COULD win?

A3: I wasn't expecting to win it when the tournament started. However, once we were in the final, I had the confidence and belief that we could pull out the win. We did have top-quality opposition in the final, but we had also reached the final last week, so confidence does factor into the equation.

Q4:How are you going to spend your holidays?

A4: I am going to train and try and win that 1st WGTA title. And, I'll party real hard and I'll make sure Kimiko is with me!

Q5:You beat a lot of good teams this tournament. Can you do it again?

A5: If you have the belief and confidence, I think anything is possible....and someone like Kimiko as a partner.
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sorry I was late :eek:, I promise to contribute more next season
its ok
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