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2002 ANZ Tazmanian Intl Commitments??

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Please post commitments to Tazmanian tournament or let me know where I can find info.
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Anyone have list of players committed to play in Tazmanian tournament and who are the top 8 seeds?
Please list players committed to play in Tazmanian tournament.
Who are players that have committed to play in Tazmaanian tournament?
setpoint I don't think Michael Blue (or anyone else) have lisited comitnments yet.<br />The tennis Australia and Tennis Tas websites are useless.<br />The only info that has come through Tennis OZ site is that Grande, Frazier, Leon Garcia, rubin, rauno pascal and Black have commited.<br />Sorry.<br />I am hanging to find out the commitments for all the Aussie summer circut too!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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