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Steffica Greles said:
I wonder whether Lindsay intends to play from start to finish, or play for the first few games, then if it's going wrong act like a 27 year-old junior player, drop her shoulders, show Kim "it's over".....then kiss and grin at the net like a gracious loser?

Lindsay has been a waste of time this year relative to what she's capable of. She's making up the numbers in the top 10 these days. If she can't improve her attitude in the US Open semis, she may as well do what she's been hinting at.
Call me bias but I think Lindsay has done extremely well this year considering she has been plagued with the foot injury since April!

Moving on to the matter at hand, having had the steroidle injection just prior to the US Open Lindsay is banking on the injection to hold up (usually lasts between 2 and 4 weeks). Lindsay has proved she has the tools to defeat Kim, however since coming back from the knee op and having had trouble with the foot most of the season she has been unable to defeat kim in the last 4 attempts.

The law of averages says that Lindsay is due a victory over Kim, God willing the foot will hold out and she can really test Kim. I remember when people though that hingis would never beat Lindsay having lost 4 or 5 times in a row against her but then Martina defeated Lindsay. Anything is possible.

I think (and hope) that Lindsay will win. I'd love to say it will be in two sets, but I just think it could well be in three sets :eek:

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