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Oh Ma GAWD!. Where did that quote come from? I can't believe it's been 30 years either, whoa! Do you think graf's forehand at its most powerful matches anyone's today?

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This made me laugh!

It was Maleeva who won though.:p
Gabriela Sabatini is a beautiful, enchanting gypsy with a tennis racket.

She touches the soul.

Manuela Maleeva is a brooding Bulgarian blacksmith on the court.

No one writes poems about her.
The extra-hilarous part is that Gaby often looked discouraged, dead-tired, spaced-out, and/or sullen when she played.

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The Pretty Polly Classic - Wednesday 22nd October 1986 - Order Of Play

Court One

B Potter USA v A Holnikova CZE
C Lindquist SWE v I Demengeot FR
T Scheuer-Larsson DEN v H Sukova CZE
K Maleeva BUL v J Durie GB
S Graf & H Sukova v C Suire & V Wade
J Durie & A Hobbs v R Fairbank & C Lindquist

Court Two

S Reeves GB v G Kim US
N Tauziat FR v A Henricksson US
T Phelps US v P Paradis FR
C Tanvier FR v B Bunge GER
A Moulton & R White v C Benamin & A Henricksson
I Demengeot & N Tauziat v I Budarova & C Jolissant

On First Available Court

M Maleeva BUL v R Fairbank SA

On court to be arranged

L Gildemeister & J Thompson v P Paradis & N Phan-Thanh

On Court to be arranged
1281 - 1285 of 1285 Posts