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I thought to share some comments about this match in case anyone is inspired to read, pipe in, or see the match, which I downloaded from YouTube and had on as I performed some tasks today. While I wasn't fully dedicated to the viewing, I did see and hear enough to note the following:

Steffi had an interesting strategy. She was up a break, lost a close first set, and then had some points in set two where she thumped the ball even harder. Near the end, there is a rally in which she must have hit seven or more hard backhands, the most I think I've ever seen in a single point from her. She hit way too many unforced errors, but the potential was already apparent. She let some tight calls fluster her a bit.

Chris was impressive. She was blown away by some shots but mostly able to hang with Steffi, and she hit back with great force many times, too. She had a few patches that were poor, but overall, she was too consistent and focused to go down.

Pam Shriver's commentary was even more under appreciative of Steffi than in later years. I believe she said that Martina hit her forehand harder than Steffi, and when asked about the fastest players, she mentioned Martina, Chris, and Hana without any reference to Steffi's foot speed.

I would say it's worth a look if you haven't ever seen the match.
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